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"To ""don"" To put on"
"Buoyant items Seats or benches, used in any suitable way to keep a person in the water afloat"
"Emergency Call 1 Mayday, Mayday, Mayday"
"Emergency Call 2 This is Taka Rita, Taka Rita, Taka Rita"
"Emergency Call 3 Mayday Taka Rita"
"Emergency Call 4 My position is..."
"Emergency Call 5 Describe nature of issue"
"Emergency Call 6 Require Immediate assitance"
"Emergency Call 7 OVER"
"VHF Emergency Channel VHF Channel 16"
"How long can talk on Emergency channel 16 if just talking 60 seconds"
"OVER VHF Invite reply"
"OUT VHF Means done"
"International Distress message VHF Channel Life must be threatened"
"Reflective tape Check and replaced if damaged"
"VHF Channel 72 Channel Pleasure craft HK"
"VHF Channel 11 Channel Ship/Shore"
"Red Flares Raise alarm, 1 minute, 3 miles from land effective, use in poor visibility"
"Orange smoke 40 seconds, cloude of smoke, good in bright daylight"
"Buoyant Orange smoke 3 minutes,light wind, allow to build up against hull"
"Pawl Arm of a winch"
"To ""Stream"" Set out"
"Collision 1 Attend to people"
"Collision 2 Throw lifesaving equipment"
"Collision 3 Prevent subsequent damage"
"Collision 4 Treat the injured"
"Collision 5 Call marine Dept"
"Collision 2nd Attend vessel, cover holes, standby to assist, registration number, keep afloat if impaled, report to Marine dept"
"Grounding Safety of passengers and crew, first consideration and keep them informed"
"Fire occurs Turn vessel so the wind blows the fire over the side... example, if fire is foward, put stern to wind"
"Inert gas Does not combine with oxygen"
"3 Elements of fire Oxygen, material, heat source"
"Foundering Sinking"
"Safe beach ? Firm sand, no rocks, shallow gradient, little current, no heavy surf"
"What is Bow, stern Front, back of boat"
"Good ground tackle, ancho and chain should be (xxx) when approaching beach Laid to seaward"
"Assisting and towing, 3 considerations Condition of wind and sea, ability of vessel in distress to take active part in operation, urgency of situation"
Created by: JASW
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