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Nervous System Pt. 2

Cause and Effect

What are the causes of seizures? •Alcohol or drug withdrawal •High fever •Stroke •Hyponatremia
Which patient's disease state require the drug therapy to be individualized? seizure patients
Seizure medications may take a _____ to see the results. month
What is Monotherapy? one drug is tried first, and other agents may be added to control seizure activity
Gabapentin is used to treat what other conditions? nerve pain related to diabetic neuropathy, nerve pain, and shingles.
Many antiepileptic drugs can cause ______,______ and ______? drowsiness, dizziness mental confusion
Because many antiepileptic drugs are dose-dependent __________ must be monitored. blood levels
Dulling effect on the ability to think is a side effect of antiepileptic drugs
A severe and sometimes fatal rash caused by a side effect of antiepileptic drugs Stevens-Johnson syndrome
Antiepileptic drugs can cause blood abnormalities,_______ are taken periodically to check for abnormalities in blood cells. blood tests
Gingival hyperplasia, which is an overgrowth of gum tissue in the mouth is a side effect of? Phenytoin
Anticonvulsants classified as pregnancy category ___ are harmful to a developing fetus if taken while the patient is pregnant D
Abrupt withdrawal of AEDs should always be avoided, because sudden discontinuation may trigger _______ seizures
Patients allergic to sulfa antibiotics should not take_______ Zonisamide
Phenytoin is highly bound to _______in the bloodstream, and it interacts with many other meds that are also bound to _________. protein
____________can adhere to nasogastric tubing, it must be mixed well with normal saline and separated by two hours from feedings given through the same tube. Phenytoin
Valproate and valproic acid tablets should be swallowed whole, not _____or _______. crushed or chewed
Valproate and valproic acid tablets should not be taken with ______ or ________ aspirin or carbonate beverages
What form of carbamazepine works as an osmotic pump and leaves an empty pill casing in the stool Extended-release
Extended-release form of carbamazepine works best when taken with a ______ meal fatty
________ works best when taken with food. Ethosuximide
Barbiturates and primidone are ________ _________, patients can develop tolerance and dependence, and they may need more drug to get the same effects. controlled substances
Topiramate and zonisamide can cause _______ ________, patients should drink plenty of fluids to avoid this effect. kidney stones
What drugs cause Parkinson’s Disease–type symptoms? •Antipsychotic agents •Metoclopramide •Phenothiazine antiemetics •Pimozide •Amoxapine •Lithium •Serotonin reuptake inhibitors
__________ is usually given in combination with levodopa because it slows the breakdown of levodopa before it reaches the CNS, allowing more of it to enter. Carbidopa
What are the side effects of levodopa? •Nausea and dyskinesias •Dizziness •Constipation •Insomnia •Daytime sleepiness •Mood elevations
What side effect causes abnormal, involuntary writhing movements of the arms, legs, neck, and mouth Dyskinesias
Dyskinesias side effects can occur over__ to __ minutes after taking a dose of levodopa 60 to 90
Daytime sleepiness and sleep attacks may impair a patient’s ability to ______ or participate in daily activities. drive
Apomorphine should not be taken along with ______ agents such as ondansetron, granisetron, or alosteron. antiemetic
_________and __________ are used topically in the nose as decongestants to reduce sinus swelling during respiratory infections Ephedrine and phenylephrine
What are the side effects of adrenergic agonists? •Headache •Excitability •Fast heart rate •Restlessness •Insomnia
Pharmacy technicians should be aware that IV forms of epinephrine are mixed in ______ _______ , not normal saline dextrose solution
Epinephrine should be injected into the ______, not the _______ thigh,buttocks
The epinephrine autoinjector contains only ___ dose, so a refill will be needed once it is used. one
When dispensing epinephrine, patients or caregivers should be alerted of the? expiration date
What are the effects of anticholinergic drugs? dry mouth dry eyes constipation urinary retention increase in blood pressure
Patients with urinary difficulty or bowel problems should not use drugs with ________ side effects. anticholinergic
_______ pain medications are drugs that cause significant anticholinergic side effects-constipation and dry mouth, respectively. Opiod
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