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PT EVAL 9 Review Question

In the event a PT is unable to make medical decisions for himself, a health care agent would be assigned according to a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care
A PT > Chronic Hypercapnea in ED complaining of increased shortness of breath and pleuritic on inspiration. PT placed on 40% Venturi mask + Chest Xray. RT is preparing the PT for transport the PT is somnolent and cool to touch. RT should Reduce the Oxygen Percentage
A PT with allergic asthma would most likely show an increase in EOSINOPHILS
Several tests are conducted on a PT qualifying for a Pulmonary Rehabilitation program. His activities of daily living scale is a 6 and dyspnea grade is a 5. The physician should be informed that the PT. Qualifies for rehab with assistance
A 17-year-old male PT has recently learned he has a life threatening illness. The RT attempts to instrust the PT to perform medicated nubulizer therapy but the PT does not seem to grasp the concept. His abilityto learn is most likely compromised by Desire to learn
Which of the following be considered signs of congestive heart failure? Pitting Edema Venous Distention
Metabolic acidosis can be associated with HYPERKALEMIA
During radiographic assessment,the RT observes increased hyperlucency on one side vascular markings are not visible and the PT trachera and mediastinum have moved away from the affected side. The medical resident asks the RT to interpret the findings. Pneumothrax
A PT is in the ICU after undergoing myocardial catheterization and valve replacement surgery. A pulmonary artery catheter has been inserted and the RT is asked to assess proper catheter placement.Where should the cather appear on a chest radiograph? In the right lower lung field
Pulmonary embolismis evident on a ventilation/perfusion scan by Abnormal blood flow
While chest physiotherapy is performed the PT begins to expectorate bright red blood. the RT should immediately Place the PT in reverse Trendelenburg position
During bedside assessment of a PT, the ECG shows a waveform with completely irregular rhythm with no discernable rate count. The RT should quickly assess the PT for A PULSE
Digitails toxicty will result in what changes on a 12 lead ECG tracing? Inverted T waves
This is normal for being recently intubated
The best way to assess the level of methemoglobin present during nitric oxide therapy is to Measure a blood sample via co-oximetry
Which of the following is considered a common complication of transcutaneous monitoring resulting electrode temperature? Erythema
A PT cardiac index is determined to be 1.8 L/min/m2. This would also indicate that the Cv02 is reduced
Created by: Cam1228