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AMNIOCENTESIS puncture the amniotic sac
COLPORRHAPHY suture the vagina
COLPOSCOPY visual examination of the vagina
EPISIOTOMY making an incision in the vulva
GALACTORRHEA abnormal, persistent discharge of breast milk
HYSTERECTOMY excision of the uterus
MAMMOPLASTY repair of the breast
MASTITIS inflammation of the breast
MASTECTOMY excision of the breast
AMENORRHEA A/MEN/O/RRHEA absence of the menses
MYOMECTOMY excision of the fibroid
NEONATAL the first four weeks of a baby's life (1-4 weeks)
OOPHORITIS inflammation of the ovaries (ovary aka oophor)
SALPINGECTOMY excision of the uterine(fallopian)tube
VAGINITIS inflammation of the vagina
PRIMIGRAVIDA first pregnancy
PRIMIPARA first delivery of a baby
MULTIGRAVIDA more than two pregnancies
CERVICAL CARCINOMA malignant tumor of the uterus (metri)
CERVICITIS inflammation of the cervix
ENDOMETRIAL CARCINOMA malignant tumor of the cervix
ENDOMETRIOSIS tissues of the uterus that are found in abnormal locations of the pelvic region
FIBROIDS benign tumors in the uterus
OVARIAN CARCINOMA malignant tumor of the ovaries
OVARIAN CYST collection of fluid within a sac in the ovary
PELVIC INFLAMMATORY DISEASE inflammation of the pelvic region
CARCINOMA OF THE BREAST malignant tumor of the breast
ECTOPIC PREGNANCY implantation of a fertilized egg in any part of the body other than in the uterus
PREECLAMPSIA high blood pressure, proteinuria and edema late in pregnancy
DOWN SYNDROME chromosomal abnormality that leads to mental retardation
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