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drugs 51-100


diflucan fluconazole--fungal infections
dilantin phenyotonin--seizures
dilaudid hydromorphone--moderate to severe pain
diovan valsartin--HBP
duragesic fentanyl--moderate to severe pain
dyazide/maxzide triamterene and HCTZ-- HTN/Edema
effexor (XR) venalfaxine--depression
elavil amitripyline--depression
elimite/Nix permethrin--head lice/scabies
epogen/procrit epoetin alfa--anemia
evista raloxifine--osteoporosis
fioricet butalbital/apap/caffeine--HA
flagyl metronidazole--bacterial infections
flexeril cyclobenazeprine--muscle spasms
flomax tamsulosin--urinary symptons due to BPH
flonase fluticasone--allergic rhinitis
folic acid folic acid--anemia
fosamax alendronate--osteoporosis
gentamicin/tobramycin gentamicin/tobramycin--bacerial infections
glucophage (XR) metformin--diabetes
glucotrol (XL) glipizide--diabetes
humalog insulin lispro--diabetes
hydroDiuril HCTZ--edema/HBP
hytrin terazosin--HBP
imdur isosorbide mono.--angina
imitrex sumatriptan--migraine HA
inderal (LA) propranolol--HBP
INFeD iron dextran complex--anemia
isoptin/Calan (SR) verapamil--angina/HBP/arrhythmias
januvia sitagliptin--diabetes
keflex cephalexin--bacterial infections
kenalog/aristospan/azmacort triamcinolone--inhaled:allergic rhinitis/asthma--oral/topical: inflammation
keppra levetiracetam--seizures
ketek telithromycin--bacterial infections
klor-con potassium Cl--prevention/treatment of hypokalemia
lactulose lactulose--chronic constipation
lamictal lamotrigine--seizures
lamisil terbinafin--fungal infections
lanoxin digoxin--heart failure/atrial fibrillation
lantus insulin glargine--diabetes
lasix furosemide--edema/HBP
levaquin levofloxacin--bacterial infections
levemir insulin detemir--diabetes
lexapro escitalopram--depression
lidoderm lidocaine--topical anesthetic
lipitor atorvastatin--elevated cholesterol
lithonate/lithotabs lithium carb.--bipolar disorder
lomotil diphenoxylate and atropin--diarrhea
lopid gemfibrozil--hypertryglyceridemia/hyperlipidema
lovenox Enoxaparin--Prophylaxis/treatment of Deep Vein Thrombosis
Detrol (LA) tolterodine--Urinary urgency/incontinence
Created by: emullenn
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