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musculo & Integ


Metro-gel Rocsacea
Topical Flagyl Rosacea
root for local anesthesias Caine
Flexeril(Cyclobenzaprine) Skeletal muscle relaxant, Tx for relief of discomfort due to acute painful musculoskeletal conditions. ADE:Drowsiness,dizziness, dry mouth , nausea,constipation & CNS depression. 10-60mg/daily PO
Cyclobezaprine (Flexeril) Uses :musculoskeletal pain. not recommended for the elderly caution sedation
Zanaflex used for spasticity R/T MS ,Spinal cord injury ADE: blurred vision,glaucoma & optic neuritis
What should a nurse monitor for w/pt taking a muscle relaxant? CNS depression
What kind of interaction b/w antacids & Alendronate should you exspected Decreased effectiveness of the Alendronate
Allupurinol(Zyloprim) Gout
Action of Allupurinol(zyloprim) prevents the production of uric acid by blocking the activity of the enzyme that converts purines into uric acid ,levels begin to fall within 2-3 days & return to normal within 7-10 days
ADE of Allupurinol (Zyloprim) bone marrow depression,skin rash & GI disturbances
Allupurinol contraindicated in pts with liver & kidney impairment
Cold sores Abreva
Causes CNS Depression Flexeril
Tx for Osteoarthrititis Glucosamine
Oral or topical acne med Clindamycin
TX for Sunburns Aloe vera & Lanacane
Skin infections Bacitracin
Pancytopenia DMARD
Risk for Fatal Hepatitis Dantrium
Onychomycosis (nail infection) Penlac Lacquer
Risk for Birth defects Methotrexate & Chemo
Poison Ivy Lanacane
bone loss Boniva & Fosomax
Athletes Foot Lotrimin
Osteoporosis Fosomax &Boniva
Spasticity Dantrium
Anitinfective Iodine
Root word for local anesthesias caine
Dying & bleaching properties Benzoil peroxide
Warts, calluss & Corns Keratolytics
psorosis Donovnex
milk binds to it Tertacycline
Ringworm lotrimin
Gout Allopurinol
Rosacea topical flagyl & metro-gel
tx for relief of discomfort due to acute painful musculoskeletal conditions ADE:drowsiness,dizziness , dry mouth & nausea 10-60 mg/daily po cyclobenzaprine (flexeril)
Dantrolene (Dantrium) spasticity due to spinal cord injury ,MS ADE:Drowsiness,dizziness,weakness,cinstipation ,tachycardia & malaise
Alendronate (Fosamax) TX & prevention of postmenopausal osteoporosis & pagets Disease. ADE: Abd.Pain & esophageal reflux
Ibandronate (bonevia) Tx for osteoporosis ADE :Abd. pain N/D
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