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PSR radiology

radiology terms

barium contrast medium or dye, frequently used to provide enhanced images of body structures
film thin sheet of cellulose coated with light-sensitive chemicals used to take photos or x-rays
gray international unit of measurement of ionizing radiation
radioactive emitting radiation energy
radiogram image on x-ray film
radioscope radioactive form of an element
roentgen unit of exposure to radiation (obsolete; replaced by the gray)
shield device used to protect against radiation
transducer device for converting energy from one form to another
angiocardiography process of viewing the heart and blood vessels by injecting radiopaque dye into circulating blood & exposing the chest to x-rays
angiography process of recording a vessel (through the use of radiopaque dye & x-rays)
bronchography process of viewing the bronchus (radiograph exam of the bronchus or bronchi)
cholangiogram radiograph exam of the bile ducts
cholecystogram radiograph exam of the gallbladder
echogram exam of body structures using ultrasound imaging techniques
echocardiogram exam of the heart using ultrasound imaging
fluoroscopy exam of the body tissues & deep structures by use of a fluoroscope
lymphangiograph radiograph of lymphatic vessels
myelograph radiograph of the spinal cord
pyelograph radiograph of the kidney and ureter
radiograph image produced by ionizing radiation (x-rays) and radiation sensitive film
radioimmunoassay measurement of antigen antibody interaction using radioactive substances
radiotherapy treatment of disease using radium; treatment for some cancers
salpingograph radiograph of fallopian tubes
sonogram image produced by sound waves reflected off of body structures(exam of body part using sound waves)
tomograph radiograph exam whereby the x-ray source is moved to view layers or slices of the body
ultrasonography image technique technique that uses sound waves to study a portion of the body
anteroposterior front to back (x-rays passing through the chest)
axial pertaining to around an axis
lateral decubitus lying on the side
posteroanterior from back to front (direction of x-ray)
General Terms***
radiologist physician who specializes in use of x-rays: interprets radiographs
radiopaque describing materials(such as lead) that are able to block x-rays
roentgenology alternate term for x-ray technology
scan repeated recording of emissions from radioactive substances onto a photographic plate in one specific area of the body
scintiscan image created by gamma radiation, indicating concentrations within the body
sonolucent permitting the passage of ultrasound waves
tagging attachment of radioactive material to a substance that can be traced as it moves through the body
therapeutic treatment of disease
uptake absorption of radioactive substance into tissue
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