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Unit 6

Von Thunen Theory The model for agricultural land use affected by cost of land and cost of transportation
Renewable Resources Resources that can be regenerated in a person’s lifetime (lumber, solar, wind)
Non Renewable Resources Resources that cannot be regenerated (coal, oil, natural gas)
Global Interdependence A condition in which people or groups rely on each other, rather than only relying on themselves (on a global scale)
Primary Sector Agricultural activities that directly extracts materials from the earth (farming, mining, fishing, forestry)
Secondary Sector Manufacturers that process, transform, and assemble raw materials into products
Tertiary Sector Provides goods and services to people in exchange for money
Subsistence Agriculture Agriculture that provides the basic needs of a family with little surplus
Commercial Agriculture Growing large quantities of crops or livestock in order to sell them for profit
GMOs Genetically Modified Organisms; genetically altering livestock and agricultural products to prevent spoilage and promote growth
Cash Crops Agricultural product that is grown to be sold or traded rather than used by the farm family
Green Revolution A program beginning in the 1960’s to produce higher
Salinization Fresh water becomes mixed with salt over time
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