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pharmacy abbreviations

a(with a line above it) before
@ at
aa of each
AD right ear
ADH antidieuretic hormone
ad lib as desired
AM between midnight-noon
AMA against medical advice
a.m. morning
amp ampule
amt amount
ant anterior
AP anteroposterior
aq aqueous
AS left ear
ASA aspirin
ASAP as soon as possible
as tol as tolerated
AV arteriovenous
ax axillary
BE barium enema
Bib. drink
bihor during two hours
bid twice a day
bilat. bilateral
BP blood pressure
BS blood sugar
BUN blood urea nitrogen
c (with a line above it) with
C Celsius or Centigrade
cal calorie
cap capsule
CAPD continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis
cc cubic centimeter
CC chief complaint
chemo chemotherapy
CL chloride
cl liq clear liquid
cm centimeter
CNS central nervous system
cr tomorrow
c/o complains of
Co. compound
comp compound
cond condition
cont. continue
d. a day
D. give
DAT diet as tolerated
Dieb.second every second day
DC discontinued
D/C discharged
dim one-half
disch discharge
DOB date of birth
dr dram
D/S dextrose in saline
DW distilled water
Dx diagnosis
E enema
EENT eye, ear, nose and throat
elix elixir
e.m.p. in the manner prescribed
ERT estrogen replacement therapy
ext extract or externa
F Fahrenheit
Fe iron
ft. foot, feet
Fx fracture
g gram
GERD gastroesophageal reflux disease
gm gram
gtt drop
Grad. gradually
GTT glucose tolerance test
gtt. drops
h hour
H hypodermic
HD hemodialysis
HCl hydrochloric acid
Hg mercury
HIV human immunodeficiency virus
HRT hormone replacement therapy
hr hour
hs hour of sleep
ht height
Hx history
hypo hypodermic
IM intramuscular
in. inches
inf inferior
incid cut
in d. in a day
inj an injection
int. cib. between meals
int.noct. during the night
I intake and output
irrig irrigation
IV intravenous
K potassium
kcal kilocalories
KCL potassium chloride
kg kilogram
KO keep open
KVO keep vein open
L liter
(L) left
lat lateral
Lat.dol. to the painful side
lb. pound
LE lower extremity
lg large
LLL left lower lobe
LLQ left lower quadrant
LMP last menstrual period
LR lactated ringers
lt left
LUL left upper lobe
LUQ left upper quadrant
M. mix
m meter
man. in the morning
mcg microgram
Meds. medications
mEq milliequivalent
MCV mean corpuscular volume
MOM milk of magnesia
MR may repeat
mg milligram
min minimal
min. minutes
mL milliliter
mm millimeter
MS morphine sulfate
Na sodium
NaCl sodium chloride
NAS no added salt
neg negative
noc night
noct night
NPO nothing by mouth
NS normal saline
NSR normal sinus rhythm
N nausea and vomiting
O: objective
O2 oxygen
OD right eye or overdose
oint ointment
Ophth ophthalmic
OS left eye
OU both eyes, each eye
oz ounce
p(with a line above it) after
P: plan
Part.aeq. equal parts
pc after meals
PDR physicians desk reference
per by
per os by mouth
PM between noon and midnight
po orally or postoperative or phone order
pos. positive
post posterior
PP postpartum or postprandial (after meals)
pr per rectum
PRN as needed
pt patient or pint
Px prognosis
q every
qd every day
q # h every # hour (eg q4h)
qid four times per day
qn every night
qod every other day
qoh every other hour
qt quart
qq also
qs sufficient quantity
R rectal
R (small with a circle around it) right
re: regarding
RLL right lower lobe
RLQ right lower quadrant
R/O rule out
rt right or routine
Rx prescription, treatment
RUL right upper lobe
RUL right upper quadrant
s (with a line above it) without
sc subcutaneous
sec. seconds
Sig write/label
ss one half
S.O.S. if needed
SSE soapsuds enema
stat immediately
strep streptococcus
subling sublingual
subq subcutaneously
sum take
sup superior
supp suppository
SVN small-volume nebulizer
s.v.r. alcohol
Sx symptoms
t. three times
tab tablet
TAT tetanus antitoxin
temp temperature
tid three times a day
TO telephone order
TPN total parenteral nutrition
tr tincture
TE tap water enema
U unit
Ung ointment
Ut.dict. as directed
UV ultraviolet
vag vaginal
vic. Times
v.o. verbal order
vol. volume
VS vital signs
WA while awake
WBC white blood cell
W/C wheel chair
wk. week
WNL within normal limits
wt. weight
XRT radiotherapy, radiation therapy
y/o years old
yd. yard
yr. year
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