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Quiz book questions

Question incorrectly answered from G.Fuller's Pub Quiz Book

The birth of Jesus is only fully described in one of the four gospels. Which one? Luke
TAP is the national airline of which country? Portugal (Transportes Aeros Portugueses)
What is the name of the country house featured in the board game Cluedo? Tudor Mansion
In text messaging parlance, what does HAND stand for? Have A Nice Day
What is the name of the patron saint of Cornwall? St Piran
Where is the most northerly point on the British mainland? Dunnet Head (in Caithness)
What is the more familiar term for the act of osculation? Kissing
What would monks have done in a lavatorium? Washed (from the Latin lavare - to wash)
Tasseography is a means of divination by what method? Reading tea leaves
Established in 1798, which is Britain's most northerly fully operational whisky distillery? Highland Park (in Kirkwall, Orkney)
The Latin phrase Fiat Lux tanslates as what in English? Let there be light
What is the Welsh name for the River Severn? Hafren
What is the highest point of the Pennine Hills? Cross Fell, Cumbria (893m or 2,930ft)
What is the name of the theme tune to Radio Four's long running soap opera The Archers? Barwick Green
'Per ardua ad astra' is the motto of which branch of the British Armed Forces? RAF (Translates as 'Through adversity/difficulties to the stars'
What was the real name of the Swiss-French architect and town planner Le Corbusier? Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris (1887-1965)
Opening in London's West End in 1952 and running continuously since, Agatha Christie's murder mystery play, The Mousetrap, is set in the Great Hall of which country house? Monkswell Manor
Born John Henry Brodribb, who became the first actor to be awarded a knighthood? Sir Henry Irving (1838-1905)
Which poet adapted the York Mystery Plays for The Passion, first staged at the National Theatre in 1977 and later combined with The Nativity and Doomsday to make The Mysteries trilogy? Tony Harrison
Who composed the comedy opera The Bartered Bride? Bedřich Smetana (1824-1884)
After whom were the pilots of the Thunderbirds craft named? Astronauts who manned NASA's Mercury program
In which country is Forty Mile Scrub National Park? Australia (In Queensland)
Which Chinese dynasty reunited the country in 589AD, but fell just 29 years later after a series of rebellions? Sui
The Biniou kozh and Gaita are variants of which musical instrument? Bagpipe (Breton and Spanish/Portuguese)
In prehistory , what are Cromerian, Hoxnian and Ipswichian? Interglacial periods
Robert of Molesme, Stephen Harding and Bernard of Clairvaux were key figures in the early years of which monastic order? Cistercians
In the last of Thomas Hardy's completed novels, what was the surname of Jude the Obscure? Fawley
In ballet a jump from one leg to the other is known by what name? Jeté
The Fairy is the smallest species of which bird of the Spheniscidae family? Penguin
Averaging 18cm long and with the scientific name Coturnix coturnix, what is Europe's smallest gamebird? (Common) Quail
Which family of birds, containing over 305 species, has the scientific name Turdidae? Thrushes
Which city's underground system has both the most lines with 26, and stations with 468? New York
On a sailing vessel, which mast comes above the topmast? Topgallant
In Arthurian legend, which three knights achieved the Grail Quest? Sir Galahad, Sir Perceval and Sir Bors de Ganis
In Britain where would you find the Cathedral Church of the Most Precious Blood, St Mary, St Joseph and St Peter? Westminster, it's the seat of the Archbishop of Westminster
On which Scottish island is the Cathedral of the Isles in the town of Millport to be found? Great Cumbrae
In which hospital was the film and tv series Doctor in the House set? St Swithin's
How many men was the actress Elizabeth Taylor married to? Seven (Conrad Hilton, Michael Wilding, Mike Todd, Eddie Fisher, Richard Burton twice, John Warner and Larry Fortensky)
Which book of the Bible begins "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and God was the word."? The Gospel of St John
The writing of the Acts of the Apostles is ascribed to which Gospel writer? Luke
Which form of architectural style preceded the Gothic? Romanesque (Known as Norman in England)
In which city is the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) based? London
What were the names of the cat and dog President Clinton had as pets whilst in the White House? Socks (cat) and Buddy (dog)
The farmers Bunce, Boggis and Bean feature in which of Roald Dahl's books? Fantastic Mr Fox
In which Buckinghamshire town is the Roald Dahl Museum and Story Centre to be found? Great Missenden
In which city is the Royal Northern College of Music based? Manchester
On which moor is the famous Jamaica Inn to be found? Bodmin Moor
What was the title of the sequel to Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989)? Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (1991)
To the nearest whole number how many millilitres are there in one pint? 568
If 1 is Edinburgh, 2 is Dover and 3 is Portsmouth, what is 5? Holyhead (Places where the A roads of these numbers terminate after leaving London)
Which board game is based around European power politics in the years leading up to the First World War? Diplomacy
Deposed in 1945, Peter II was the third and last king of which country? Yugoslavia
Michael I, forced to abdicate in 1947, was the last king of which country? Romania
In 2009 who became the first woman to sail single-handed in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions when she completed the Vendee Globe race? (Denise) Dee Caffari
A Percheron is a breed of what type of animal? Horse
In the film Passport to Pimlico, it is discovered that the area was gifted to which medieval Duchy, the last of its Dukes being Charles the Bold in 1477? Burgundy
Who wrote the 1927 novel Tarka the Otter? Henry Williamson
In 2007 Frankie Gavin became the first British World Champion in which sport? (Amateur) Boxing, in the Lightweight category
What was the name of the country house built by Sir Walter Scott at Galashiels, near Melrose? Abbotsford
What is the sixth fence on Aintree's Grand National course called? Becher's Brook (They jump this fence twice, thus it is also the twenty second)
What was the flagship of the Task Force sent to recover the Falklands in 1982? HMS Hermes (A Centaur class aircraft carrier, it was sold to the Indian Navy who renamed it INS Viraat)
Who wrote about Peter Simple, Mr Midshipman Easy and The Children of the New Forest? Captain (Frederick) Marryat (1792-1848)
Who commanded the victorious British fleet at the Battle of the Saintes? Admiral Sir George Rodney (1718-1792). The battle, in 1782, was a victory over the French fleet during the American War of Independence.
Where is the 'Last House in Scotland' to be found? John O'Groats, Caithness
In which Scottish county is RAF Lossiemouth, from summer 2014 the only operational RAF base in Scotland? Moray
The whisky Old Pulteney is distilled in Scotland's most northerly mainland whisky distillery. In which Scottish fishing town is this? Wick, Caithness
RCT is the abbreviation of which Welsh unitary authority? Rhondda Cynon Taff
What is the name of the official residence of the Archbishop of York? Bishopthorpe Palace, Bishopthorpe, North Yorks
Lamb Chop was a sock pupprt created and operated by which performer? Shari Lewis
What was the name of Charles Bronson's character in the Death Wish series of films? Paul Kersey
Which river is formed by the confluence of the rivers Goyt, Etherow and Tame? River Mersey (At Stockport)
Which Greek explorer, a resident of Marseilles, explored the North Atlantic in the fourth century BC? Pytheas of Massalia
How many balls are there in the personal flag of a vice admiral? One (Rear admirals have two and full admirals none)
Dolly Parton's theme park Dollywood is located in which US state? Tennessee (Pigeon Forge)
The One Thousand and One Nights, often known in English as the Arabian Nights, is narrated by whom? Scheherazade
What is given to members of the House of Lords who are not aligned with any pollitical party? Crossbenchers
Holders of which post sit on the Woolsack? Lord Speaker of the House of Lords
Membership of what enables the right to be addressed as 'Right Honourable'? The Privy Council
In 2008 Jill Pay became the first female holder of which post, responsible for maintaining order in the Chamber, Galleries, Committee Rooms and precincts of the House of Commons, and the control of access to them? Serjeant at Arms (Lawrence Ward was appointed to the position 1 May 2012)
The Chairman of Ways and Means is the principal deputy to which post? Speaker of the House of Commons (Currenly held by Lindsay Hoyle)
Taking its name from the man who first compiled it, what is the official guide for parliamentary practice known as? Erskine May (After Thomas Erskine May 1815-1886)
Friedrich "Fritz" Kreisler was a noted twentieth century virtuoso on which musical instrument? Violin
Where in the UK does the dialling code 028 cover? Northern Ireland
In the military, what do the initials RAOC stand for? Royal Army Ordnance Corps - In 1993 this was one of the corps amalgamated to form The Royal Logistic Corps (RLC).
Johannes Chrysostomus were the first two forenames of composer? Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
Cardigan and Pembroke are the two breeds of which dog? (Welsh) Corgi
The march Crown Imperial, overture Portsmouth Point and the music for the ballet Facade were all composed by whom? William Walton (1902-1983)
Who composed the orchestral works Capriccio Espagnol, Easter Festival and Scheherazade in the years 1887-1888? Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (1844-1908)
Yoichi 20 Year Old won an international competition in 2008 to find the best what? Single Malt Whisky
The phylloxera is a pest affecting what? Vines
In general use since the 1990s, what name is given to a baby hedgehog? Hoglet
Inspired by its white seed hairs, what is an alternative name for the climbing plant Traveller's Joy? Old Man's Beard
Sphairistikè, taken from the Greek for 'ball play'. was the original name given to which sport? (Lawn) Tennis
The first new race course for horse racing to open in the UK since 1927 did so in 2008. Where? Great Leighs in Essex (It went into administration in January 2009)
Which Apollo mission was the first to go into space, doing so in October 1968? Apollo 7
Where in the USA has been there a Easter Egg roll since 1878? The lawn of the White House
Druidry is divided into three classes. Druids is one, name the other two? Bards and Ovates
Kimball Kinnison is the main hero of which series of books by Edward E "Doc" Smith? The Lensman novels
In embroidery, which variety of stitch are Herringbone, Fishbone and Van Dyke, amongst others? Cross stitch
What is the name of the French overseas departments in the Mascarene Islands, with capital Saint-Denis? Réunion
Which artist was the uncle by marriage of the Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin and the writer Rudyard Kipling? Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones (1833 – 1898)
The family of Pandionidae only has one member, which is also one of the world's most widespead birds. Which bird, which feeds almost exclusively on fish, is this? Osprey
Which Greek actress became Culture Minister and campaigned for the return of the Elgin Marbles to Greece? Melina Mercouri (1920 – 1994)
Created by: Runegold
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