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Drug development

Ch.3 Pharmacy Practice

The biochemically active component of a drug that exerts a desired therapeutic effect Active Ingredient
An inactive chemical that is added to one or more active ingredients to improve drug formulations while causing little or no physiological effect Inert Ingredient
He discovered insulin Sir Frederick Banting
The purpose of this kind of drug is to improve the efficacy of the natural product or reduce its side effects Semisynthetic Drug
The field of study that examines the relationship between an individual's genes and his/her body's response to drugs Pharmacogenomics
A drug sold without a prescription OTC (over the counter)
A prescription drug has to be labeled with this Rx Only
A medication that alters body functioning in a desired way Pharmacodynamic Agent
A vaccine would be considered this kind of agent Prophylactic
Compulsive and uncontrollable use of controlled substances, especially narcotics Addiction
This agent kills bacteria, fungi, viruses,and even normal cells or abnormal cancer cells Destructive Agent
A pharmaceutical manufacturer can apply for this after a Phase 3 study is completed New Drug Application (NDA)
A voluntary program that allows any healthcare professional or consumer to report a serious adverse event associated with the use of any drug, biological device, or dietary supplement MedWatch
This provides information on generic substitutions of drugs that may have may different brand names or generic manufacturer sources FDA Online Orange Book
Another name for a cancer fighting drug Antineoplastic
A substance introduced into the body in order to produce immunity to a disease Vaccine
A chemical substance that kills or inhibits the growth of bacteria Antibiotic
The first antibiotic, discovered by Dr. Alexander Fleming Penicillin
A condition in which the body adapts to a drug so that higher doses are needed to produce the same therapeutic effect achieved earlier with smaller doses Drug tolerance
A category of nonprescription drugs that includes vitamins, minerals, and herbs that is not regulated by the FDA Dietary supplements
This contains the same active ingredients as the brand name product and delivers the same amount of medication to the body in the same way and in the same amount of time. Generic drug
This means a drug performs in the same manner as an already approved brand name drug Bioequivalent
Once a brand or generic drug received FDA approval, it is assigned a unique one of these NDC number
A negative consequence to a patient from taking a particular drug Adverse drug reaction (ADR)
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