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Learning Strategies


Give one example of positive self-talk. "My math mark wasn't as high as I would like it to be, but I will ask more questions on my review next time."
Give one example of negative self-talk. "I failed my math test. I'm not good at anything."
Eeorye from Winnie the Pooh has what kind of mindset? A fixed mindset
Forrest Gump and Bob the Builder have what kind of mindset? A growth mindset
What are some strategies for answering multiple choice questions? read all of the questions first; cross out ones that are incorrect
What are some strategies for answering long answer questions? read the whole question, answer questions in full sentences, answer all parts of the question, re-read your answer and fix any mistakes
What are the three different types of conflict resolution? avoider, competitor, and problem solver
What is the purpose of a mind map? a mind map is meant to brainstorm ideas in an organized way; it has a center circle or node, with branches of ideas in different categories coming off of it
Describe 3 organizational strategies for your binder or assignment deadlines - use dividers; use your phone to keep organized; use an agenda or calendar; keep your notes in order; put dates on your work; cross things off that you finish
Describe one way to create a bibliography Use Read, Write, Gold or Easy Bib to generate a proper bibliography
Created by: ksnow