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RA PHM 125

Rheumatoid Arthritis Medications

diclofenac side effects hepatotoxicity
diclofenac monitoring requires regular liver function tests
diclofenac brand name Cataflam or Arthrotec or Voltaren
diclofenac gel brand Voltaren
etodolac brand name Lodine
etodolac dosage max 1200 mg per day
etodolac formulation available in EC tablet
etodolac auxiliary do not chew or crush
ibuprofen contraindicated oral hypoglycemics
ibuprofen side effects highest GI risk and lowest cardiac risk
indomethacin formulation IV formula reconstitute just before administration
nabumetone dosing instructions should be taken in morning with food
cox 2 inhibitor celebrex
calcium dosing instructions do not with penicillin and no otc iron
Evista side effects causes DVT
Forteo storage requirement must be kept in refrigerator
NSAIDS Mechanism of Action blocks prostaglandin
Colchicine Mechanism of Action blocks neutrophil response
teriparatide bones osteoporosis hormone treatment to stimulate bone growth
Methyl-salicylate otc Ben-Gay
Zostrix Capsasian P
capsasian P irritation at sight of application
gout prophylaxis allopurinol
bisphosphonates dosing instructions sit up right for 30 minutes after dose
bisphosphonates rare side effects osteonecrosis
bisphosphonates common side effect jaw pain
osteoarthritis first line of treatment acetaminophen
NSAIDS side effects caused kidney damage
osteoclast breaks down bone tissue
osteoblast builds bone tissue
osteoprosis risk factors small white female, smoking, caffeine
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