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English Final

Describe in detail the difference between an open and a closed circulatory system. An Open Circulatory System pumps blood into a hemocoel & A Closed Circulatory System pumps blood into vessels.
Name 2 organisms that use an Open Circulatory System. Lobsters, crabs, clams, insects, ect.
Describe one difference between lungs and gills. Gills filter water so they can take only the oxygen, while lungs just take in oxygen.
Name group of organisms that use a tracheal system. Insects.
Describe 2 differences between vascular and non-vascular plants.
Identify the starting materials required for photosynthesis. Sunlight/energy, water, and carbon dioxide.
Identify the products of photosynthesis. Oxygen and Glucose.
What is the connection between the products of photosynthesis and the reactants required for cellular respiration. The starting materials cellular respiration are the products of photosynthesis.
Describe 2 factors that can limit the efficiency of photosynthesis. Water and sunlight availability.
Describe 2 functions for the glucose molecules plants create during photosynthesis. Food and energy.
Describe 2 functions for lipids in the human body. Brain structures and cell membranes.
Which type of organic molecule constitutes the backbone of DNA molecules? Nucleic Acid.
Define the process of decomposition. Breakdown of dead organic materials.
What happens to the organic products of decomposition (in other words, what type of organisms use those products and how do they use them)? Plants use the carbon dioxide that is released for photosynthesis.
Explain how changes in balance of the nitrogen cycle can have negative effects on the environment. Nitrogen pollution into waterways can cause dead zones.
A predator/prey relationship exist between 2 mammals in a relatively isolated environment. Describe the short term effect of an increase in reproductive rate of the predator. Decrease in prey population.
Scientist reintroduce grey wolves into a national part in the western United States. After 20 Years, the population of elk, a prey of the wolves, has increased, as has the wolf population.Give one possible explanation for this finding. There are no longer any starvation events in the Elk population.
Identify 2 differences between air pollution caused by greenhouse gases and air pollution caused by smog. Greenhouse gases exist higher in the atmosphere and don't directly affect human health.
Identify one negative effect of pollution caused by runoff from fertilizer use. Algae blooms cause dead zones.
What do nearly all scientist agree is the cause of the 1.4 degree increase in global temperatures over the past century. Production of greenhouse gases due to human activities.
Define the potential ecological problem ocean acidification(mention CO) Excess CO dissolves in oceans causing a drop in pH.
Describe 2 ways individuals can limit their contribution to greenhouse gas pollution. Use public transportation and energy efficient light bulbs.
Describe the competition that might occur between 2 garter snakes. Size and coloration.
What adaptation(s) might give one snake a survival and reproduction advantage over a competitor/ Larger Size
Define natural selection, and give one example of natural selection discussed in class. Giraffes with longer necks have a survival advantage.
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