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Spring term Italian

random words for Italian level B.1.3

to earn guadagnare
to become diventare
job/ employment il impiego
to employ impiegare
employee addetto/a
to consent/ agree consentire
to be able to riuscire
to cut out ritagliare
to be delighted (at) godere (di)
to enjoy godersi
if only/ maybe magari
to have/keep in mind avere/tenere in mente
to deal with trattare
to confront affrontare
obligation/promise il impegno
illness la malattia
to devote dedicarsi
investigation la indagine
whichever/ whatever qualsiasi
quite a lot of parecchio/a
to hire ingaggiare
to address indirizzare
who knows chissa
to trust/ rely on fidarsi
to trust (in) affidarsi (a)
to add aggiungere
to subtract sottrarre
above all/ especially sopratutto
to spring up scattare
to share condivedere
around intorno
to yield/ give back rendere
to grow up cresceri
first of all innanzi
to discover scoprire
values/ valuables i valori
to satisfy soddisfare
through/ across attraverso
by now/ by this time ormai
to wonder (whether) chiedersi (se)
pebbles i sassi
apart from that a parte cio
guy il tizio
prankster il buontempone
to laugh ridere
to depend on dipendere da
or rather/ better still anzi
to spread/ diffuse diffondere
no notice accorgersi di
to be accustomed to essere abituato a
to start mettere a
to request pregare di
to succeed/ be able to riuscire a
successful riuscito/a
to stop smettere di (ha smesso di piovere)
to end/ terminate terminare di
to be hard to please essere troppo esigente
it's my turn toca a me
to need servire (mi serve)
it makes me happy mi fa piacere
to last durare (takes essere for past tense)
everyone/ everybody ognuno
to recover/ heal guarire
to attend (e.g., a course) iscriversi
it's no bother (for me) non mi pesa
piece of paper il foglio
leaf la foglia
both entrambi/ tutte due
floor il pavimento
to wish augurare (mi auguro)
availability disponibilita
to consider/ believe ritenare
desk la scrivania
in seems to me mi pare
unpleasant spiacevole
I will keep my eyes open terro gli occhi aperti
instead of invece di
as the years went by col passare degli anni
I have a load of things to do ho un sacco di cose da fare
many useful tips tanti bei consigli utili
to join raggiungere
or oppure
ice il ghiaccio
even if pur, sebbene, anche se
wall la pareta
parade la sfilata
since/ as poiche/ siccome
given that dato che
to deliver conseqnare
not yet non ancora
to manage to be/ be able to do riuscire a fare
to combine (with) unire (a); combinare (con)
to take away/ remove togliere
thin magro/a
rather piuttosto
a cold un raffreddore
room la sala
quite well benone
now ora
pencil una matita
fussy pignolo
good luck in bocca al lupo
in a hurry in fretta
to have a snack fare uno spuntino
to wear portare
to celebrate festeggiare
t-shirt la maglietta
afternoon snack la merenda
magazine la revista
until fino a
to track down rintracciare
to send inviare
to agree on concordare
to offer porgere
backache un mal di schiena
competition la gara
to guess indovinare
to wear indossare
to visit a person venire/ andare a trovare
to visit a place visitare
each ciascuna
every ogni
to shout gridare
to scream/ shriek strillare
to turn girarsi
to be fed up with essere stufo di
cost/ expense la spesa
to go grocery shopping fare la spesa
Created by: annek