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Neuro& Sensory pharm

Neuro pharm

choice drug for TX status epileticus? Ativan/dilatine
Barbiturates block these to help prevent seizures nerve impulses
the use of valproic acid may damage this organ? liver
Depakote increases levels of this neurotransmitter GABA
The first line of TX for parkinson's Levadopa
Increasing of this neurotransmitter is the foundation for TX of Parkinson's Dopamine
Combining levadopa with this drug reduces side effects by lowering the dose needed carbidopa
This drug treats Parkinson's as well as the flu? symmetrel
A pt with this eye disease should not be given anticholinergics Glaucoma
To much of this neurotransmitter is seen in pt with Schizophrenia Dopamine
Anticholinergic may cause this bowel problem consitpation
Anitcholinergics may reduce tremors in this disease parkinson's
Pilocarpine causes this to contract Iris
Pt's on long term steroid use are at risk for this eye disease Cataracts
This fluid doesn't drain properly in glaucoma pt's Aqueous Humor
Timoptic reduces this ? Intraocular pressure (IOP)
First symptom of MG Ptosis
This drug is used to test for MG Tensilon
A Myasthenic crisis would require doing this with their medication increase the dosage
Mytelase increases transmission at these receptor sites Acetylcholinese
This class of drugs are the most common use in TX of MG Anti-cholinesterase
This drug is used as an antidote for a Cholinergic Crisis Atropine
Spasticity is commonly treated with this drug Baclofen
Mannitol is used to treat this brain disorder Cerebral edema
A side effect of Parkinson's that may appear odd Dyskinesia
This vitamin promotes the breakdown of Levadopa Vit-B6
Timoptic is used for this condition Glaucoma
Why is Levadopa given multiple times daily bc its action has a short duration
Medications used to tx MS Bacolfen(linresal)Analgesics, immunosuppressive agents,steriods GABA agonist,Benzodiazepines(valium) Symmetrel,Cylert,Prozac,inderal, Vitamin-C, ABX and Neurontin
Baclofen is used To TX symptoms of Spasticity due to MS & spinal cord injuries
what are anticholinesterase drugs used for? TX of Alzheimer disease & myasthenia gravis
drugs used to TX Alzheimers Cognex,Aricept,Namenda, Ativan, Haldol,Razadyne Exelon
Medications used to TX epilepsy Carbamazepine(tegretol) Clonazepam(Klonopin) Phenyton(Dilantin) Luminal(Phenobarbitol) esp in children Valporic Acid(Depakene)
How do barbiturates help TX seizures? Depress abnormal nerve impulses discharged in the CNS
What blood test are monitored when adminstering Valporic Acid liver function test/ALT
How does valporic Acid work Controls certain seizures by lessening their severity & frequency by increasing GABA, and stabilizing cell membrane
Agents used to TX Parkinson's (BALSA)Bromocriptine, Amantadine, Levadopa/Carbidopa, Selegiline & Antimuscarinics
Tx Parkinsonism; to relieve tremors & rigidity.NOT used to TX drug related parkinson's Carbidopa/Levodopa (Sinemet)
Decreases symptoms of Parkinsonism & increases mobility Levodopa/Carbidopa (Sinemet)
S/E of Carbidopa/Levodopa anorexia,n/v,dysphagia,fatigue, dizziness,headache,dry mouth, bitter taste,twitching, blurred vision,insomnia & dark urine
Benefits of combining Levodopa/carbidopa 1. more Dopamine reaches the basal ganglia 2.Smaller doses of Levodopa are required to achieve the desired effect
Intended effects of Levodopa when introduced ,L-dopa is effective in diminishing symptoms of Parkinson's disease & increasing mobility
Progressive deterioration of dopaminergic neurons in the brain/side effects of drugs that mask parkinsons Parkinsonism
Levodopa is contraindicated in Parkinson pt with narrow angle glaucoma
Valium,Dantrium,Baclofen are what type of drugs muscle relaxants
S/E of Baclofen Hypotension,Hyperglycemia
How do TX for Parkinson work By increasing the level of dopamine
how often are meds for Parkinson given Around the clock
What vitamin causes destruction of common drugs for Parkinson's Vit-B6
medication used for advanced stages of parkinson's Levodopa/Carbidopa/ Entacapone (stalevo)
medication to be given if pt couldn't tolerate first line drug Beneztropine & Procyclidine
what pt experience decreased levels of Acetylcholine MG
S/E of cholinergic drugs Respiratory depression, clenched jaw excessive salvation
S/S ofcholinergic toxicity cholinergic crisis
condition that is contraindicated when prescribing Anticholinergic drugs Glaucoma
what symptom is Baclofen used to TX Spacitity
long term use of this type of drug can lead to cataracts steroids
drugs that TX nerve disorders Tegretol,Carbatrol,Epitol, Equetro (Carbamazepine)
drug used to decrease ICP Manitol
Antidote for overmedication Atropine
What does GABA do blocks nerve impulses
Sinemet, a drug used to TX parkinsons is a combo of what two drugs Levodopa/carbidopa
O/D of Haldol leads to may cause the same symptoms of Parkinsons
Decreased ACH stimulants leads to use of Anticholinergic & Benezotropine
Anticholinergics are the same as Atropine & Atrovent
pathophysiology Of AD Atrophy of the cerebrum hippocampus > memory loss & decrease cognitive function
Anticholinergics to know Benzotropin(Cogentin) Biperiden HCI (Akineton)Procyclidine HCI Benadryl
What medications is not used for correction of parkinsons Dopamine
Dopamine is not used as a med for parkinson B/C it does not cross the blood brain barrier
If a pt with parkinsons is recieving cognetin therapy it means that most likely pt symptoms are not that severe
this medication for AD may cause a pt to develop a fever,sore throat & runny nose may be S/E of Tacrine(Cognex)
Aricept should not be combined with this medication as they antagonize each other Urecholine
S/E Gabapentine(neurontin) depression, malaise,vertigo,weakness & ataxia
Used as adjunctive therapy for partial seizures enhances action of GABA Neurontin
TX for acute status epilepticus & must be given IV to achieve desired response > short term effect Phentoin(dilatin)
_____is allowed to cross the blood brain barrier but not__________? Levodopa is but not Dopamine
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