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Ch. 4 Suffixes

-algia pain
-asthenia weakness
-desis binding
-dynia pain
-esthesia sensation
-kinesis movement
-phobia fear
-phonia sound
-phoria feeling, carrying
-cele hernia
-cytosis condition of cells
-ectasia expanding, dilation
-ectasis expanding, dilating
-edema swelling
-ema condition
-emesis vomiting
-iasis pathological condition or state; presence of
-ism condition, disease
-itis (pl. -itidies) inflammation
-lepsy seizures
-leptic pertaining to seizures
-lithiasis presence of stones
-mania obsession; madness
-megaly enlargement
-oma (pl. -omata) tumor, neoplasm
-opia vision
-opsia vision
-osis (pl. -oses) condition, state, process
-paresis slight paralysis, feelings of numbness and tingling
-pathy disease
-penia deficiency, small, fewer
-philia attraction; affinity for
-phrenia of the mind
-phthisis wasting away
-physis growing
-plegia paralysis
-plegic pertaining to paralysis
-ptosis falling down; drooping
-rrhea to flow of discharge
-rrhagia excessive bleeding (amount and/or frequency
-rrhexis rupture
-trophic pertaining to nutrition
-trophy nutrition
-blast immature, forming
-cidal destroying, killing
-cide destroying,killing
-crine secreting
-malacia softening
-para bearing
-parous producing, bearing
-pepsia digestion
-phage, -phagia eating, devouring
-phagy swallowing
-phasia speaking
-phoresis carrying
-plasia formation, development, growth
-plastic forming
-pnea breath
-poiesis production, formation
-poietic pertaining to production
-poietin substances that produces
-para bearing
-porosis lessening in density
-rrhage discharging heavily
-schisis splitting
-somnia sleep
-spasm contraction
-stalsis contraction
-stasis stopping, constant
-stenosis narrowing
-cyte cell
-derma skin
-emia -blood
-emic relating to the blodd
-globin protein
-globulin protein
-oxia oxygen
-plakia plaque
-plasm thing formed
-uria urine
-ectomy removal of part or all of an organ or body part
-lysis destruction of
-lytic pertaining to destruction
-ostomy opening to the outside of the body
-pexy fixation, usually done surgically
-plasty surgical repair
-rrhaphy surgical suturing
-static,-stasis maintaining a state
-stomy opening
-tome cutting instrument, segment
-tomy cutting operation
-crit separate
-gen producer
-genesis orgin
-genic produced by
-gram a recording
-graph recording insturment
-graphy process of recording
-meter measuring device
-metry measurment
-opsy view of
-pheresis removal
-phil attraction, affinity for
-scope instrument(eosp. one used for observing or measuring)
-scopy use of an instrument of observing
-ad toward
-clasis breaking
-clast breaking instrument
-form in the shape of
-ic pertaining to
-ics treatment, practice, body of knowledge
-logist one who studies
-logy study, practice
-oid like, resembling
-phylaxis protection, prevention
-plegic one who paralyzed
-stat agent to maintain a state of equilibrium
-tropia turning
-tropic turning toward
-tropy attracted to target structures
-version turning
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