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Vocab. 4-6

Sadlier Oxford Vocab level G 4-6

atrophy waste away
bastion stronghold
concord harmony agreement
consummate complete, perfected, masterful
disarray disorder,dishevel
exigency urgency, emergency
flotsam floating wreckage
frenetic frantic
glean gather bit by bit
grouse grumble, complain
incarcerate imprison
incumbent required, (Noun)the one currently in office
jocular joking, droll, witty
ludicrous ridiculous
mordant biting or harsh
nettle annoy, a stinging plant
pecuniary financial
pusillanimous cowardly
recumbent reclining position
stratagem ploy, ruse
acuity sharpness (of mind)
delineate portray, sketch, depict
depraved perverted
enervate weaken
esoteric cryptic, arcane
fecund fertile
fiat edict
figment invention, fancy
garner accumulate
HALLOW BLESS, consecrate
idiosyncrasy quirk, eccentricity
mundane earthly, humdrum, routine
nuance subtle or slight variation, shade
overweening conceited arrogant
penchant strong inclination
reputed alleged, supposed, by reputation
sophistry fallacy, unsound reasoning
sumptuous costly, rich
ubiquitous omnipresent , universal
abject wretched,degraded ABJECT POVERTY
agnostic doubter
complicity being an accomplice, connivance HE WAS COMPLICIT IN THE CRIME.
derelict vagrant, abandoned THE TIDE WASHED IN A DERELICT SCHOONER.
diatribe bitter verbal attack, tirade
effigy likeness of a despised person BURNED IN EFFIGY
equity justice, equalness, the value of property after deducting the mortgage owed. YOUR HOME EQUITY
inane silly
indictment formal accusation
indubitable not to be doubted (undoubtable)
intermittent stopping and starting, fitful INTERMITTENT SHOWERS
moot debatable, questionable A MOOT POINT
motif principal idea, theme
neophyte novice NEWBIE
perspicacity keenness in observing and understanding, acuity
plenary complete, unrestricted PLENARY INDULGENCE
surveillance scrutiny, watch
sylvan forested, pertaining to the woods PENNSYLVANIA
testy peevish, easily irritated
travesty farce, grossly inferior imitation TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE
Created by: margaretawarren
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