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Science 9; Last Test

Stars, Moon, Earth

Clusters of galaxies form larger groups called what? Supergiants
The Doppler effect is also known as what? Red shift
What does the red shift do? Shows that galaxies in the universe are moving away from us
What are the common shapes used to classify galaxies? Elliptical, spiral, and irregular
What unit is used to find the average distance between Earth and the Sun? Astronomical unit
A light year is? A unit of distance
Our solar system is inside the Milky Way galaxy
Galaxies are classified based on their shape
Our galaxy is classified as a spiral galaxy
An observation of the red shift of galaxies suggests that the universe is expanding
The big bang theory states that the universe began with a gigantic explosion 10 to 20 billion years ago
The distance between stars is typically measured in light years
The number of universes known to exist is one
The big bang theory explains the origin of the universe
What provides support for the big bang theory? Cosmic microwave background radiation and red shift
Hotter stars glow with light that is more intense at Shorter wavelengths
The life cycle of a star begins with a cloud of gas and dust called Nebula
What are the planets in order starting at the sun Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
Is Saturn an inner or outer planet? Outer
What is an outer planet Gas giants with rings
What radiates light energy, heat energy, and electromagnetic waves Stars
What is an inner planet? Terrestrial
Galaxies are classified based on what? Shape
A spinning neutron star emitting radio waves is called? Pulsar
What do all planets have besides Mercury and Venus Moons
What 3 ways do astronomers use to classify stars Age, color, size
Low mass and medium mass stars, including the sun, eventually end their lives how? White dwarfs
The moon casts a shadow on Earth during a what? Solar eclipse
The inward pull of gravity and outward push of thermal pressure allow the Sun to be Stable over time
A star's apparent brightness is dependent upon size, temperature, and distance from Earth
The surface temperature of a star can be estimated based on the star's Color
Differences in both the Sun's and moon's gravitational pull on Earth result in Ocean tides
A stream of electrically charged particles sent into space by the Sun is called Solar wind
In stars, energy is released by fusion reactions and produced as hydrogen atoms combine to form Helium atoms
In an H-R diagram, most stars are found in a diagonal band from the upper left to the lower right, which is called Main sequence
What graphs a sample of stars according to surface temperature and absolute brightness? H-R diagram
By using a spectograpgh, a star's absorption lines can identify the different ___ that a star is composed of Elements
What forms supernovas during their death Supergiant stars
The dense remnant of a high mass star that has already gone supernova is called Neutron star
What determines the phases of the moon? Earth, Sun, and moon
What will happen to the relative amounts of hydrogen and helium in the sun over the next few billion years Hydrogen will decrease and Helium will increase
Created by: ShayleeFausz