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Business Management Review

Which of the following business resources provides information about the company's dress codes and vacation policies, and general rules for appropriate behavior? employee handbook
Which of the following is a company resource that employees often analyze to ascertain policies and procedures? training materials
An important purpose of management is to ___________________ the business. achieve the objectives of
The number of levels of management that a business needs usually depends on the size of the business
A plant manager or a department head would be an example of which level of management? middle
Jack, a manager, said to his staff, "I know that many of you think that this is a risky course of action. But, I've decided that we should proceed. If this is successful, it could greatly benefit the company. If it fails, I'll accept the consequences and work to find a new solution." What is Jack doing? accepting responsibility for his decision
Tim is the technology manager for the MSJ Company. On Tuesday evening, Tim was running late for a meeting and decided not to conduct the backup activities. Later that night, the computer system crashed and all of Tuesday's computer data was lost. By apologizing to his boss for making a poor decision and offering to work extra hours to help fix the problem, Tim was accepting the consequences for the decisions he made.
It is important for employees to follow the rules of conduct established by management to maintain a consistent and fair work environment.
If an employee continuously fails to follow the firm's rules of conduct, the firm is likely to take disciplinary action.
Which of the following is the FIRST step of effective managerial planning? Use a systematic approach to establish objectives
Which of the following questions should effective managerial planning answer? What do we want to do?
Which of the following is an element of the planning function of management? Setting goals