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7th Grade Final

Technology Final Review

Which is the best program for writing a letter? Word
Which is the best program to use if you want to present to an audience? PowerPoint
Which is the best program to use if you want to create a spreadsheet? Excel
In which of these programs can you place a formula so that it performs automatic calculations? Excel
Which button you would use to superscript your font? X^2
You can change the font style in your document by: 1.Right clicking and choosing Font 2.Using the Font drop down menu in the Home tab
Are there 1 or more than 1 way to save a document? More than 1 way
Which icon do you use to increase the font size? A^
If you want to make a perfect square or circle, which key do you hold down while drawing it? Shift
What does it mean when you have a green, wavy line under a word? you have a grammatical error
What does it mean when you have a red, wavy line under a word? you have a spelling error
What keyboard key starts a new paragraph? Enter
What key do you use to indent a paragraph? Tab
What type of Internet addresses can you type into a document? Hyperlinked
What tab do you use to insert a text box into a document? Insert
To erase or delete the characters to the left of the flashing cursor, use the: backspace key
What should you drag when you resize an image, so that you keep the image proportionate? only the corner handles
The shortcut key to undo text is: CTRL+Z
If you want to add a graphic from clipart, what tab would you choose? Insert
If you want to change the margins of your document, what tab would you choose? Page Layout
The numbers in a spreadsheet represent: Rows
The letters in a spreadsheet represent: Columns
The point where a row and column meet (A1 for example) is called _________ a cell
Which tab must you choose to put a background into your slide show? Design
Which tab must you choose to put a graphic into your slide show? Insert
It is possible to set up every slide with the same _____________ all at once. animation
It is possible to set up your entire show on a timer using what menu? Slide Show
What can be used like Word to create documents? PowerPoint
Created by: JDzenowski