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allusions #1-15


the term has come to refer to a persons area of particular weakness Achilles heel
used to describe someones insistence on being repaid, even if the repayment will be destroyed or harm the debtor pound of flesh
this word refers to something that cannot be interfered with or harmed in any way sacred cow
to take an irreversible step, often involving some danger crossing the Rubicon
to offer something precious to someone or a group of people unable to appreciate the value of what they are being given pearls before swine
something that occurs very rarely once in a blue moon
such an attitude of narrow minded prudishness Mrs. Grundy
to show false sympathy for someone crocodile tears
anything that tempts a person away form safety ad toward a destructive path. (temptation used to lure a person) sirens
issue a stern warning that if unacceptable behavior does not cease, serve consequences will follow read the riot act
payment recieved for an act of treachery. (a supposed friend treachery) thirty pieces of silver betrayed with a kiss
an extremely complex problem, (a problem in a quick decisive manner. Gordian knot
a person who is scheduled or protected from the real world and thus out of touch with reality is said to be residing in a _______? ivory tower
something which appears valuable on the outside may in fact be less than valuable. (appearance may be deceptive) all that glitter is not gold
refers to a great passionate uproar that actually is unimportant or meaningless sound of fury
Created by: dirtqueen4
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