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competetion info


dress or cover alignment
the alignment of elements side by side dress
the alignment of individuals directly behind the person in front of them cover
the element on which a movement is planned, regulated, or aligned base
the uniform step and rhythm in marching; that is , the number of steps marched per minute cadence
the total space form front to rear of any formation. The ______ of an individual is considered to be 12 inches. depth
the space from front tho rear between units. The ____between individuals in formation is usually 40 inches as measured from their chest to the back of the individuals directly in front of them. distance
the rate of marching 180 steps per minute double time
the basic formation; that is, the smallest drill unit comprised of at least 3, but usually 8 to 12 individuals, one of whom is designated as the element leader. element
a single column of persons placed one behind another file
the extreme right or left (troop's right of left) side of a formation in line or in column flank
the space occupied by a unit, measured form flank to flank. The font of an individual is considered to be 22 inches front
the member designated to regulate the direction and rate of march guide
on the command of execution the individual takes one more 24 inch step followed b a 12 inch step (measured form heel to heel) in quick time , setting the heel down first without scraping the ground half step
the arrangement of units side by side with guide and element leaders at the head in column
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