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english vocab final

allocate to set apart, assign
ardent very enthusiastic, intense
assiduous attentive, diligent
deviate to stray from the norm, diverge
gnarled knotted, twisted, contorted
indemnity a payment for damage or loss
askew twisted, crooked, awry
crestfallen discouraged, dejected
lamentable deplorable, regrettable
misnomer misleading name
profess to affirm, assert, proclaim
wastrel a wasteful person, loafer
allude to refer casually, suggest
clairvoyant supernaturally perceptive,insightful
disreputable not respectable, disgraceful
fathom to understand, grasp
placate to appease, soothe, pacify
pretext a false reasoning, a cover story
callous emotionally hardened, insensitive
elated in high sprits, jubilant, ecstatic
irrelevant not to the point, inapplicable
nocturnal of or occurring in the night
platitude cliché, stale
antipathy strong dislike, hostility, enmity
duress forcible, intimidation
patent exclusive rights over an invention, copyright
sedate settled, composed, to administer a tranquilizer
stipulate to arrange specifically, specify
ultimatum a final proposal, final terms or conditions
alleviate to relieve, to make more bearable, allay
antithesis opposite, contrast
appall to fill with dismay or horror, shock
droll amusingly odd, comical
edict an order issued by someone in authority, decree
mandatory required, obligatory
chagrin irritation or humiliation, mortification
complacent self-satisfied, overly content
explicate to make plain or clear
pandemonium a wild uproar, chaos, commotion
reticent not inclined to speak, reserved, reluctant
somnolent sleepy, drowsy
concur to approve, ratify
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