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Vocab Finals 9th

9th grade english vocab for finals

allude to refer to casually
exemplary worthy of imitation
fathom understand
guile treacherous, cunning
misconstrue interpret wrongly
placid calm, peaceful
pretext false reason, deceptive excuse
acrid harsh in taste/odor
elated in high spirits
indulgent yielding to the wishes/demands of others
tangible real, concrete
compassion sympathy for another's suffering
decorum proper behavior
exuberant enthusiastic
implacable not to be satisfied
innocuous harmless, inoffensive
sedate quiet, settled, sober
stipulated arrange specifically
alacrity cheerful readiness
antithesis the direct opposite
disparage belittle, undervalue
droll amusingly odd
magnanimous generous in forgiving
mandatory required, obligatory
rescind repeal, cancel
vivacious lively, sprightly
acclimate to adapt to a new climate
complacent self-satisfied
concur to express agreement
grotesque unnatural, distorted
zealous eager, earnest, devoted
abhor to regard with horror or loathing
amend to change in a formal way
chaos great confusion or disorder
implicate to involve in
reprehensible deserving blame or punishment
squalid filthy, wretched, debased
decrepit old and feeble
ingenuous innocent, simple
quandary a state of perplexity or doubt
recalcitrant stubbornly disobedient
revel to take great pleasure in
capricious moody, mean
deviate to turn aside, stray from a norm
exult to rejoice greatly
omnipotent almighty, all-powerful
poignant deeply affecting touching
acquiesce to accept without protest
contentious quarrelsome, inclined to argue
covet to desire something belonging to another
disheveled unkempt
lamentable to be regretted or pitied
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