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JE/DE Quize #8

Auxiliary Boilers

1-Describe the function of the photo cell detector with respect to the combustion control system. Provide voltage signal for substain burner ignation
2-Why do we shut the manually operated fuel valves prior to performing any work on an automatically fired auxiliary boiler? Prevent fuel leaks
3-What happens when a component fails and the flame safeguard control for an automatically fired auxiliary boiler? Prevent Automatic restart
4-How does the flame scanner output at high compare to it's output at low fire? it's proportional to the flame size
5-What could happen to the feed pump suction if the feed water is to hot? Loss of suction resulting in loss of feed flow to the boiler
6-A successful pre-purge is dependent upon what two components? Damper position and proper air flow
7-Describe what happens to the flame of an automatic boiler when the steam pressure is higher than the normal operating band. Lost of fire, fuel valve shuts down
8-If a boiler is equipped with a low level probe senor, what will happen if the water level drops below the level of the low level probe? Sensor actives alarm, boiler shuts down
9-Why due we maintain pH within the range specified by the manufacture? Reduce corrosion rate
10-If fuel is shutoff due to flame-out on an automatically controlled boiler, what does 46CFR require? require both Visual & Audible alarms for flame- out
11-Describe the fusible plug on a Scotch or auxiliary boiler Located at or near the center of the crown sheet of the combustion chamber
12-How is the fuel atomized for use when using a steam atomizer Steam expansion atomizes the fuel (which occurs inside the furnace)
13-List the seven system required by 46CFR63 For Large Automatically Controlled Auxiliary Boilers 1-Program control system ,2-Operating control system,3-flame Safeguard control system,4-Limited control system,5-Combustion control system, 6-Fuel Supply control system,7-Ignition System.
14-List the three steps in the procedure for replacing tubes in a water tube auxiliary boiler. rolled, beaded and seal welded
15-Why is it important for safety valves to open and close rapidly? prevent wire drawing (which is the edging of the disk)
16-46CFR61 Requires that auxiliary boilers that have undergone major repairs be hydrostatically tested to what percentage of their operating pressure? 150%
17-Why do we purge boiler furnaces proir to light the fire? prevent explosion by removing combustible gases
18-List the major cause of heavy soot accumulation in auxiliary boilers frequent cycling
Created by: Rafael Leon