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Midterm Exam

Theory Z It was developed by William Ouchi. American organizations place emphasis on individual responsibility whereas Japanese organizations place more emphasis on collective decision making slow evaluation and promotion, and holistic concern for employees. Theo
Levels of Mgmt Senior Mgmt- the highest level of mgmt which establishes the goals/objectives of the organization. They then decided which actions are going to be taken to achieve those goals, and then they decide how the company will use their resources in their actions
Intellectual prop. protections Intellectual property laws protect the inventions and new ideas of businesses. The three kinds of intellectual property protections are patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Intellectual property refers to ownership of ideas, such as inventions, books, mo
3 facets of industrial rev. The three major facets of the U.S. Industrial Revolution are (1) power, (2) transportation, and (3) communication. Power- inventions such as the steam engine helped industries to move to areas that were once devoid of factories and had no other signs of p
Intranet/Internet Internet- global connection of independently operating, but interconnected, computers. A network of computer networks. Intranet- a private, corporate computer network that uses Internet products and technologies to provide multimedia applications within
Social Resp. Social responsibility refers to the role of business in solving current social issues over and above legal requirements. Companies can be socially responsible by encouraging philanthropy or volunteerism in their employees. (ex. U.S. Tech Corps) By enco
Components of good code of ethics A good code of ethics has to first be enforced in order for it to work properly. Companies need to share the code of ethics with all employees and discipline employees who do not follow an ethical code. The ethical course needs to be clear-cut; it needs
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