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OA Quiz

Objective Assessment Quiz

Validity Scales (8) VRIN-R, TRIN-r, F-r, Fp-r, Fs, FBS-r, L-r, K-r
VRIN-r Variable Response Inconsistency- Random responding
TRIN-r True Response Inconsistency- Fixed responding
F-r Infrequent Responses- Responses infrequent in the general population
Fp-r Infrequent Psychopathology Responses- Responses infrequent in psychiatric populations
Fs Infrequent Somatic Responses- Somatic complaints infrequent in medical patient populations
FBS-r Symptom Validity- Somatic and cognitive complaints associated at high levels with over-reporting
L-r Uncommon Virtues- Rarely claimed moral attributes or activities
K-r Adjustment Validity- Avowals of good psychological adjustment associated at high levels with under-reporting
Higher-Order (H-O) Scales (3) EID, THD, BXD
EID Emotional/Internalizing Dysfunction- Problems associated with mood and affect
THD Thought Dysfunction- Problems associated with disordered thinking
BXD Behavioral/Externalizing Dysfunction- Problems associated with under-controlled behavior
Restructured Clincal (RC) Scales (9) RCd, RC1, RC2, RC3, RC4, RC6, RC7, RC8, RC9
RCd Demoralization- General unhappiness and dissatisfaction
RC1 Somatic Complaints- Diffuse physical health complaints
RC2 Low Positive Emotions- Lack of positive emotional responsiveness
RC3 Cynicism- Non-self-referential beliefs expressing distrust and a generally low opinion of others
RC4 Antisocial Behavior- Rule breaking and irresponsible behavior
RC6 Ideas of Persecution- Self-referential beliefs that others pose a threat
RC7 Dysfunctional Negative Emotions- Maladaptive anxiety, anger, irritability
RC8 Aberrant Experiences- Unusual perceptions or thoughts
RC9 Hypomanic Activation- Over-activation, aggression, impulsivity, and grandiosity
Specific Problems (SP) SP Scales (4 scales) Somatic Internalizing Externalizing Interpersonal
Somatic Scales (5) MLS, GIC, HPC, NUC, COG
MLS Malaise- Overall sense of physical debilitation, poor health
GIC Gastrointestinal Complaints- Nausea, recurring upset stomach, and poor appetite
HPC Head Pain Complaints- Head and neck pain
NUC Neurological Complaints- Dizziness, weakness, paralysis, loss of balance, etc.
COG Cognitive Complaints- Memory problems, difficulties concentrating
Internalizing Scales (9) SUI, HLP, SFD, NFC, STW, AXY, ANP, BRF, MSF
SUI Suicidal/Death Ideation- Direct reports of suicidal ideation and recent suicide attempts
HLP Helplessness/Hopelessness- Belief that goals cannot be reached or problems solved
SFD Self-Doubt- Lack of confidence, feelings of uselessness
NFC Inefficacy- Belief that one is indecisive and inefficacious
STW Stress/Worry- Preoccupation with disappointments, difficulty with time pressure
AXY Anxiety- Pervasive anxiety, frights, frequent nightmares
ANP Anger Proneness- Becoming easily angered, impatient with others
BRF Behavior-Restricting Fears- Fears that significantly inhibit normal activities
MSF Multiple Specific Fears- Fears of blood, fire, thunder, etc.
Externalizing Scales (4) JCP, SUB, AGG, ACT
JCP Juvenile Conduct Problems- Difficulties at school and at home, stealing
SUB Substance Abuse- Current and past misuse of alcohol and drugs
AGG Aggression- Physically aggressive, violent behavior
ACT Activation- Heightened excitation and energy level
Interpersonal Scales (5) FML, IPP, SAV, SHY, DSF
FML Family Problems- Conflictual family relationships
IPP Interpersonal Passivity- Being unassertive and submissive
SAV Social Avoidance- Avoiding or not enjoying social events
SHY Shyness- Bashful, prone to feel inhibited and anxious around others
DSF Disaffiliativeness- Disliking people and being around them
Interest Scales (2) AES, MEC
AES Aesthetic-Literary Interests- Literature, music, the theater
MEC Mechanical-Physical Interests- Fixing and building things, the outdoors, sports
Personality Psychopathology Five (PSY-5) Scales (5) AGGR-r, PSYC-r, DISC-r, NEGE-r, INTR-r
AGGR-r Aggressiveness-Revised- Instrumental, goal-directed aggression
PSYC-r Psychoticism-Revised- Disconnection from reality
DISC-r Disconstraint-Revised- Under-controlled behavior
NEGE-r Negative Emotionality/Neuroticism-Revised- Anxiety, insecurity, worry, and fear
INTR-r Introversion/Low Positive Emotionality-Revised- Social disengagement and anhedonia
Created by: klthomas0123
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