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Combining forms

Combining forms Ch.2

aer(o) air; gas
ather(0) plaque; fatty substance (inside of a blood vessel)
blast(o) immature cells
calc(o), calci(o) cartilage, grainy, gritty
chyl(o) chyle, a digestive juice
chym(o) chyme, semifluid production of the chyme in the stomach
cyst(o), cysti bladder,cyst, cystic duct
ethm(o) ethmoid bone
glue(o) glucose
glyc(o) sugars
hydr(o) hydrogen, water
ket(o), keton(o) ketone, acetone
lip(o) fat (outside of a vessel)
nucle(o) nucleus
plasma, plamso formative, plasma
salping(o) tube
sider(o) iron
somat(o) body
squam(o) scale; squamous (meaning scaly)
syring(o) tube
algesi(o), algi(o), alg(o) pain
cry(o) cold
dips(o) thirst
esthesi(o) sensation, perception
kin(o), kine movement
kinesi(o), kines(o) motion
phon(o) sound; voice; speech
phot(o) light
son(o) sound
therm(o) heat
acanth(o) spiny; thorny
andr(o) masculine
chlor(o) chlorine, green
chrom(o), chromat(o) color
crypt(o) hiddne, obscure
cyan(o) blue
eosin(o) red
erythr(o) red, redness
granula(o) granular
gyn(o), gyne, gynec(o) women
home(o), hom(o) same; constant
ichthy(o) dry; scaly; fishy
idi(o) distinct; unknown
immun(o) safe;immune
leuk(o) white
macr(o) large; long
meg(a), megal(o) large; million
melan(o) black; dark
micr(o) small; tiny
mio smaller; less
morph(o) structure; shape
norm(o) normal
physi(o) physical; natural
pseud(o) false
scler(o) hardness; hardening
scolio crooked; bent
spher(o) round; spherical
staphyl(o) grape like clusters
sten(o) narrowness
strept(o) twisted chain; streptococci
terat(o) monster; (as a malformed fetus)
xanth(o) yellow
bacill(i) bacilli; bacteria
bacteri(O) bacteria
carcin(o) cancer
kyph(o) humpback
onch(o), onc(o) tumor
pachy thick
path(o) disease
pyr(o) fever; fire ;heat
schist(o) split
schiz(o) split; division
spasm(o) spasm
anteri(o) fronto
dextr(o) right, toward the right
dors(o) back
gonio angle
later(o) lateral, to one side
medi(o) middle; medial plane
mes(o) middle; median
top(o) place; topical
crin(o) secrete
gen(o) producing; being born
hypn(o) sleep
log(o) speech, words, thought
narc(o) sleep; numb, somniness
phago eating, devouring, swallowing
somn(o),somni sleep
spir(o) breath, breathe
actin(o) light
amyl(o) starch
bar(o) weight; pressure
bas(o), basi(o) base
bio- life
chem(o) chemical
chrono time
coni(o) dust
cycl(o) circle; cycle
dyna, dynam(o) force; energy
echo reflected sound
electr(o) electricity
eti(o) cause
fibr(o) fiber
fluor(o) light, luminous; flourine
fungi fungus
galact(o) milk
ger(o), geront(o) old age
lact(o), lacti milk
lith(o) stone
lys(o) dissolution, destruction
necr(o) death, dying
noct(i) night
nyct(o) night
pharmaco drugs; medicine
phyt(o) plant
py(o) pus
radio radiation, x-ray, radius
stere(o) three-dimensional
tel(o), tele(o) distant, end; complete
ton(o) tension, pressure
toxi, toxic(o), tox(o) poison, toxin
troph(o) food, nutrition
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