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Stack #159938

Treatment of eating disorders (eating too much) 1. focus on adopging long term life style changed in eating habits, exercise, and attitude towards both. -self monitering (intake and weight)-stimulus control- restrict eating to cental location-change rate of eating- put down fork in between bites-behavi
Treatment of eating disordrs (eating too little) -provide reinforcers for eating-provide reinforcement for all aspects of treatment-work on replacing illogical thoughts about body and weight
Treatment for couple distress Behavioral couple therapy includes:-instigation of positive changes- increasing behaviors that are pleasant to partner.communication training= -teaching how to express thoughts & feelings- teach to be effective listener-progress generality- look for signs
cause for sexual dysfunction and what is the most effective program -anxiety may be a factor-exposure programs appear most effective
Masters & Johnsons on sexual dysfunction -couple engage in pleasurable stimulation-relaxation, no pressure for orgasm-goal is pleasure, not performance
main advantage of conditioned reinforcement - can often be delivered more immediately than the backup reinforcer-helps bridge delay b/w behavior and more powerfol reinforcers
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