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AICP - Demographics

US Census Facts and more for 2008 AICP Exam

US population growth from 1900 to 2000 Tripled from 76 million to 281 million
Decade of largest population increase in US history 1990-2000
Three states that accounted for more than 1/3 of US population increase in the 20th Century California, Texas, Florida
Most populous metropolitan area from 1950 to 2000 New York
Population growth in the 1990s 32.7 million people - The largest numerical increase of any decade in U.S. history.
What was the US population density in 2000? 80 people per square mile
What is the fastest growing region in the US? The West
What US state had the highest population in 2000? California with 33.9 million people.
What state had the highest population density from 1970 to 2000? New Jersey
Percentage of women in the workforce as of July 1, 2003 50.81%
Percentage of minorities in the country as of May 10, 2006 33%
Fastest growing state in the 1990s Nevada
Second fastest growing state in the 1990s Arizona
Issue regarding growing population in arid regions securing adequate supplies of clean water
Between 1997-2002, change in small farms (50-500 acres), medium farms (500-1,000 acres), and large farms (over 2,000 acres) small farms - decreased by 7% medium farms - decreased by 11% large farms - increased by 5%
First president of the American Society of Planning Officials Alfred Bettman
Who developed a comprehensive plan for Cincinnati, Ohio? Alfred Bettman
Normal vacancy rate 5%
There are approximately _____ Native American reservations in the United States. There are 278 reservations in the U.S., covering approximately 95 million acres.
About this many acres of forest have disappeared in the last 200 years throughout the world: About 2.4 acres of tropical forest disappear every second, which adds up to about 214 acres or the size of New York City each day.
Created by: lokamura