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Pharm 2 final


Androgen drug Striant (testosterone)
Androgen drug action, use (2), s/e (8) action - use - hypogonadism & delayed puberty, s/e - n/v/acne, hair thinning, anxiety, mood changes, electrolyte & fluid imbalance, hepatotoxicity
Oxytocic agent drug Pitocin (oxytocin)
Oxytocic agent action enhance uterine motility by stimulating uterine smooth muscle to contract
Cardiotonics Drug Digoxin
Cardiotonic Action & Use (3), S/E (10) Action - Drug stimulates heart muscle to beat more forcefully & slowly; Use - CHF, treat tachycardia fib and flutter, stimulate - makes heart beat slower; N/V/anorexia, weakness, fatigue, fainting, hypotension, bradycardia, visual disturbances, arrthymias
Cardiotonic NI (9) Digitalization, given loading dose then q2hrs after, dose is 0.125-0.25mg qd, watch K levels b/c hypokalemia - digoxin toxicity, k supplement, monitor HR, rhythm, daily wt & I&O, therapeutic blood levels for weeks after start of therapy, levels 0.8-2
Nitrate Family Drug Isordil
Nitrate Family Action Dilate arteries & arteriloes in periphery thereby decreasing BP, the reduce BP greatly reduces work load of heart, lowering O2 demand
Coagulant Drug Amicar
Coagulant Action Helps formation of blood clots
Anticoagulant Oral Prep Drug Coumadin
Anticoagulant Oral Prep NI many drug interaction - check when starting Coumadin
Drugs used to lower cholestrol & triglycerides Drug (4) (statin) Questran, Lipitor, Pravachol, Niacin
Questran Action Sand like texture that stays in the intestine & binds biles acids. Bile acids are the degeneration products of cholestrol. The binding of bile acid by Questran mix w/fluid (4-6oz) may need vitamin supplement
Lipitor & Pravachol Use (2), NI (2) in conjunction w/diet therapy, they are used to decrease elevated blood concentrations & reduce risk of atheroscelerosis leading to CAD; NI - do liver fx test b4 starting therapy, then q 3-6montha, no grapefruit juice
Parenteral Anicoagulant Drug Heparin sodium
Parenteral Anticoagulant Uses (4) NI (2) Prevents post-op DVT & pulmonary embolus in pt undergoing some surgical proc, prevent cerebral thromboses in pt who had stroke, trmt of coronary occulsion or acute MI, maintain patency of IV caths; NI - antedote is protemine sulfate; test is PTT or APTT
ACE inhibitor drug Capoten
ACE inhibitor use (2)/NI (2) use - hypertension; heart failure after MI; NI - no K rich foods, no salt substitutes
Calcium Channel Blocking Agents Drugs Procardia & Cardizem
Calcium Channel Blocking Agents Action Block calcium ion flow across smooth & cardiac muscle, decrease O2 demand, cardiac output, dilating coronary arteries & arteroles
Calcium Channel Blocking Agents Use hypertension, angina, arrthymias
Oral contraceptive drugs estrogen/progestin drug & progestin only
Oral contraceptive action (2) stop ovulation; prevent ovaries from developing folical, alter cervical muscus, thus inhibiting sperm migration & impair implantation, of fertilized ovum.
Antiadrenergic Drug Aldomet
Antiadrenergic Drug Action & NI Action - decrease activity of SNS; NI-BOSE
Antiarrythmic Agents Drugs (3) Dilantin, Cardizem, Pronestyl
Dilantin use, SE, NI anticonvulsant - only used to treat digoxin induced arrthymias, s/e - CNS depressant drug, NI - monitor VS
Pronestyl Use wide variety of atrial fib & flutter
Antidotes (3) warfin - vitamin K; sulfate - herparin; beta blocker - atropine & isuprel
ferrous sulfate s/e (3) lowered vitality; pallor; breathlessness
calcium channel blocker NI (2) hypotension & edema
pronestyl action (3) cardiac depressant & antiarrthymic - quite heart muscle
MAO inhibitors NI (6) BP & pulse before and during trmt; contrindictated in liver, renal, CVD, & elderly pts
Antianxiety drug valium
Valium s/e (4) drowsiness, dizziness, ataxia, palpatations
Potassium removing drug Kayexalate
Kayexalate use hyperkalemia
Antidysrhythmic drug Xyelocaine
Xyelocaine use, NI use - drugs of choice to treat ventricular tachycardia & ventricular fib; NI - BOSE - BP
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