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Physical Science

2nd semester test

"No, No - don't touch" would be Conduction
Blowing air would be Convection
The speed that an EM wave travels is speed-o-light
"Heat" is just energy
Hot always goes... from hot to cold
A vibration that is moving laterally from a point is called a wave
Hertz is another name for frequency
EM waves occur when energy is given off by electrons
Photons are packets of light energy
A "wiggle" is a vibration
A 25000Hz wave form is travelling through a medium at 340M/s. You need to find the legth of each wave. How would solve this problem? divide 340M/s by 25000Hz
If the volume of a tuning fork increases, then the amplitude of the wave is increasing
What happens if the TROUGH of one wave lines up with the CREST of another wave the volume of the two waves will be diminished - maybe even cancelled
In a transverse wave, the medium is displaced perpendicular to the flow of the energy
Select the best answer for this question. A sound wave can also be called a. compressional wave b. longitudinal wave c. ALL OF THESE d. mechanical wave
20,000 waves pass a point in 35 seconds. What is the Frequency 20,000 / 35 = 571.4 Hz
"In space, no one can hear you scream" - why? there is no medium in space - thus sound cannot travel
When you produced a Longitudinal wave in your slinky, you moved your hand in a "push and pull" manner
LIGHT would be considered a transverse wave
72000 Hz wave traveling at 1002 M/s. What is the wavelength? 1002M/s / 72000 Hz = 0.0139 M
The outgoing ray leaving a medium ... is at an angle equal to the incoming ray
Objects are clear because the electrons can vibrate at the same frequency as the light
"Bending" light that is travelling through a medium is called refraction
why when light enters glass, does the speed change? electrons transfer the energy to following electrons - this takes time. More time = lowered speed
a "medium" is anything a wave finds itself in
How are light waves produced electrons emit photons
what causes the beautiful red/yellow/orange sunsets and sunrises ? red/yellow/orange light is long wave - so these colors can penetrate longer distances of atmosphere found at sunrise and sunset
By what physics method does a light ray "bend" when a ray enters a different medium? the first part of the ray front to hit the medium slows down, the following part of the ray front still moving at S-o-L enters later = bending
When light enters a different medium what happens the light speed changes
What would be the charge of an atom if it had 3 protons and 7 electrons negative 4
In solids, which particle can move electrons
if two negatively charged balloons are hanging near each other, what would be the most likely outcome the balloons would move away from each other
Thunder results from air gets superheated, expands and then collapses back on itself
When a balloon sticks to the door after being rubbed on someone's head, what is the most plausible explanation electrons have been transferred to the balloon and are causing electrons on the door to move, exposing protons = sticking balloon
Electrons always go the path of least resistance
When the switch is in the off position, where are the electrons? still in the conductor
Electricity will always follow the path of least resistance
Moving electrons produces a. magnetism b. ALL OF THESE c. "electricity"
To produce "electricity" in a solid - you must have a conductor, electrons moving along a desired path, and a reason for the electrons to move from where they are
one of the neat properties of metals is metals allow electrons to move freely
A bird can sit on a wire carrying extreme amounts of electricity because the bird has become part of the circuit - in other words, he is part of the path of least resistance
How much power is used if 100 Amps is carried along a wire at 120 volts 12,000 Watts
How many Amps will be carried in a wire with 47 Volts with 2000 Ohms resistance 0.0235 Amps
How many electrons will Praseodymium have if the element has 14 Protons 14 electrons
That we are "brothers and sisters of the stars" is true because a. matter cannot be destroyed b. matter is made of atoms c. we are just "caretakers" of the matter that makes us d. ALL OF THESE e. new matter cannot be created
According to the Greeks, ATOMOS means unable to be cut or divided
How many volts occur if a wire has a resistance of 10,000 Ohms, and 14 amps is pushed through the wire? 140,000 VOLTS
What would be the resistance if a wire carried 100,000 V at 0.92 Amps? 108695.65 Ohms
If a material has a "half life" of 30,000 years.... AND your sample indicates that 3 "half lives" have passed, how old is the sample 90,000 years
The cool thing about Isotopes is that they can be used as clocks
an "Isotopic Ratio" is the ratio of Parental to Daughter Isotopes in a sample
what matter makes Gold no other matter makes Gold
Elements are defined as matter composed of only one type of atom
An atom that has a charge is called a/an ion
Why do atoms have a "charge" too many or too few electrons
In order to be neutral, an atom must have an equal number of electrons and protons
Roughly how many elements make up the VAST majority of everything in this room? less than 20
If a rock sample has an isotopic ratio of 1PI to 2DI, and the half life is 500,000 years - how old is the sample 1,000,000 years
Let's get metaphysical here ...... would it be true to say that EVERY gold atom that ever will be is ALREADY in existance???????????? yes
Elements were created only once
Roughly how many elements are there just over 100
Salt and sand is a mixture because neither the sand nor the salt is bonded together
What would call a combination of elements in which each element retains it's own properties mixture
Water out of the faucet is actually a mixture because some of the impurities in faucet water are NOT chemically combined with Hydrogen and Oxygen
what is the connection that takes place between the constituent elements in a compound called in scientific terms? bonding
What do you call a combination of elements where each of the elements lose their own properties / identity compound
PURE water is a compound because Hydrogen and Oxygen are chemically bonded to each other
Created by: amandafjeld