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Year 9 PDHPE

Space Space around players and objects.
Realtionships Relationships with teammates and coaches.
Dynamics Is how your body moves and the energy to perform a movement.
Rhythm and Timing Timing is vital. The movement can be fast, slow, sustained or sudden.
Direction Moving in a certain direction.
Composition 'Compose' which means to make or create.
Skill A movement which is specialized that requires practice.
Sequence A number of individual skills which is combined in a general movement.
Performance How you perform and create movement.
Stimulus Influences the way we move.
Objective Measures This is a measurement in which is unbiased. It is determined by a criteria or a set of guidelines.
Subjective Measures. This is a personal opinion.
Mental Illness People may be born or develop a mental illness which affects the brain. It affects the way people think or move.
Fad Diet-including 3 characteristics losing weight excessively-in unrealistic time frames eats small amounts cut out certain nutrients meal replacement
Anger Issues When people experience on going emotional issues that they may not deal with in positive ways.
Types of Mental Disorders Anorexia- Eat small amounts. Bigorexia- Exercise excessively. Depression- Sad and feel as though they are alone. Bi Polar- Mood swings. Bulimia- Eat then vomit afterwards.
Loss and Grief It occurs usually occurs after you lose someone or something of importance.
Importance of Warming Up Warming up stretches your muscles. Stretching your muscles minimizes your chances of injury.
Object Manipulation Using or controlling an object throughout the game.
Object Control Controlling an object is how you chose to manipulate the object.
Anticipation Is knowing where the object or opposing players are and how you are going to move.
Factors that impact mental health- body image photoshop constant use of celebrities lies about diets stereotypes
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