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Ch.3 Calculations

Developing literacy skills

An order for a medication or mixture of medications written by a practitioner to be filled by a pharmacist. Prescription
List three ways prescriptions can be received in the pharmacy a handwritten prescription, over the phone, or a digital or computerized order
Prescription for controlled substances must bear a registration code known as this. DEA number
DEA numbers are always formatted to begin with two letters and this many numbers seven
This is the process for verifying if a DEA number is valid Add first, third, and fifth digits. Add second, fourth, and sixth digits. Double the sum of 2nd, 4th, and 6th digits. Add the results of step one and three. The last digit of the sum should match the checksum digit, the last digit of the DEA number
In a hospital setting, patients weights are measured in kilograms or pounds. What is height usually measured in? Centimeters or inches
Medications may have three names, referred to as nomenclature. What are they? Brand name, generic name, and chemical name
Verify this DEA number for Dr. Johnson to determine if it is valid- BJ2345678 It is not valid
The name under which a drug is approved by the FDA. This name is the same regardless of the company that manufactures it or the dosage form or packaging in which it is supplied Generic name
Prescriptions for inpatients are usually referred to as this Orders
When a prescription is received in the pharmacy, the information is entered into the computer system and becomes a part of this. The patient's permanent health record
Define "DAW" Dispense as written
How many capsules would be dispensed if the sig was "1 cap po tid x10days" 30
How many ounces would be dispensed if the sig was "1 oz. po bid x1wk" 14 oz.
What would the days supply be for a prescription of #120 tablets with a sig of "1 tab po q6h" 30
Translate this rx. "2 caps po q4h prn itching" Take 2 capsules by mouth every 4 hours as needed for itching
Translate this rx. "2 gtts os bid x7d" Instill 2 drops in the left eye two times a day for 7 days"
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