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WGU-Research Basics

WGU-Foundations of Teaching-Research Basics

Individual search engine compile their own searchable databases on the web
meta search engine do not compile databases. Instead, they search the databases of multiple sets of individual engines simultaneously
how do metasearches display their results? 2 ways single list-most (metasearchers) from which duplicate entries have been removed multiple lists-separate lists per search engine and contain duplicate entries
what are the cons of metasearchers you are usually at its mercy as to how the search is conducted because of things like pay per click and are getting smaller directories bc they rely of subject directories
when should you use metasearchers? when you are in a hurry and you want a quick overview of search terms and when you are doing a simple search
Examples of metasearch engines dogpile, mamma, vivissimo-on their page they may search ask, google, yahoo
what is a subject directory created and maintained by humans editors, smaller amount of info, usually indexing the home page/for searching their own website
cons of using a subject directory they do not store pages of their own, they point to them, that info could change, dead links
when to use subject directories? like yellow pages, for more general information on popular topics like commericial sites and products, organizations, when you want to see what kind of info is available in a certain field, go to a subject directory and browse through subject categories
examples of subject directories? homepages of yahoo, MSN, Netscape
what are the 2 types of gateways library(created by librarian) and subject specific(created by people that have certain interest in particular subject)
what is the invisible web? parts of the web that cannot be accessed by spiders/robots because they are protected, so you have to have the exact address, which is what gateways are good for
when do you use gateways for high quality information
examples of library gateways digital librarian, internet public library
examples of subject specific databases kelley blue book, ajcjobs
what does http stand for? hypertext transfer protocol
what does www stand for? world wide web
what are the 3 things a reputable page will normally provide? date last updated, mail link for questions/comments, contact info-name, phone number, address
what is field searching? It allows you to specify exactly where you want the search engine to look in the Web document.
a research paper does these 5 things Argues a point, formulates a thesis, argues or persuades, evaluates, considers why and how
a term paper does these 5 things presents data, reports what others said, explains or describes, summarizes, considers what
5 Steps on creating a thesis statement 1. Identify a topic, 2.Derive main point from topic 3. Compose Draft thesis statement 4.Refine and Polish 5.Complete final thesis
When deriving main point from topic, 2 most important things to do are? 1. Look for patterns in your evidence 2. Compose a purpose statement
When refining and polishing draft thesis, what are the 2 most important things to make sure it is? specific and arguable
what is a thesis statement? makes an argumentative assertion about a topic and states the conclusions you have reached, makes a promise to the reader about scope, purpose and direction, is focused and specific to be proven within the boundaries of the paper, identifies relationships
What are the 4 things that make a strong thesis statement? 1)takes some sort of stand 2)justifies discussion (the point to writing the paper) 3)expresses 1 main idea 4) is specific
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