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REHS Diseases

bacteria feces & urine of infected carrier poultry/eggs/turtles/rodents incubation: 6-48 hours. avg. 12-24 hours abdominal pain diarrhea chills & fever nausea & vomiting Salmonellosis
bacteria feces & urine of infected carrier water/flies/shellfish Avg. incubation 14 days infection fever & diarrhea rose spots on trunk Typhoid Fever
bacteria - bacillary dysentery feces & urine of infected carrier water/ICE/flies/milk/person to person incubation: 1-7 days. avg. 4 days fever cramps diarrhea blood/mucus stools Shigellosis
"cafeteria bacteria" c. welchii Mexican style refried beans "intoxication" (not infection) incubation: 6-12 hours. avg. 8-12 hours "24 hr bug" abdominal pain & diarrhea (NO vomiting & NO fever) Clostridium perfringens
bacteria - intoxication - extoxin "picnic food poisoning" oral/nasal/dermal areas of people abrupt severe nausea/vomiting abdominal cramps diarrhea (NO fever) Staphylcoccus Aureus
bacteria - Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome-HUS cattle incubation 12-60 hours. avg. 48 hours fever severe abdominal cramps watery often bloody diarrhea COOK MEATS 155 F 15 secconds E. Coli 0157:H7
scarlet fever - airborne - sore throat incubation: 1-3 days. Streptococcus pyrogenes
seafoods incubation: 12-24 hours watery diarrhea cramps nausea & vomiting fever & headaches Vibrio parahemolyticus
bacteria - most prevalent food infection incubation: 12-24 hours. watery bloody, sticky diarrhea headaches/malaise high fever Camphylobacter jejuni
bacteria - oysters - liver disease Vibrio vulnificus
naturally caused chemical food poisoning red tide - demoic acid - dinoflagellate: Gonyaulax cantenella - endotoxin copper sulfate prevents algal blooms muscle incoordination/ascending paralysis: 2-12 hours after consumption PSP - Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning
histamine-like chemical food poisoning scrombroids (tuna, mahi mahi, dolfin fish, dorado, bonito, mackerel) IQF: Individually Quick Frozen incubation: immediate to 30 minutes flushing of face & extremities, tingling headache diarrhea, metallic taste Scrombroid food poisoning
airborne bacilli overcrowding incubation: 4-6 weeks Mycobacterium tuberculosis
spirochete Borrelia recurrentis louse-borne incubation: 8 days relapsing fever
spirochete moist air - air conditioning (Milder & nonfatal=Pontiac Fever) Legionellosis
Weil's Disease - spirochete infected rat urine incubation: 4-19 days. avg. 10 days headache, fever, chills, malaise vomiting & muscular aches Leptosporosis
spirochetes ubiquitous in water & mud can grow in cold temps (as low as 37 F) 1980's Halisco Cheese incident esp. dangerous for pregnant women onset: several days to 3 weeks Listeriosis
pathogenic fungi - Gilcrest's Disease Blastomyces dermatitidis fever, cough, skin lesions Blastomycosis
pathogenic fungi - Thrush - Moniliasis can effect skin, esophagus, GI, bladder can become systemic Candidiasis
pathogenic fungi - Valley Fever inhalation of spores in soil mostly in males 15-25 yrs old flu-like symptoms Coccidiomycosis
pathogenic fungi - Darling's Disease inhalation of spores in moist soil incubation: 5-18 days. malaise weakness chest pains, coughing Histoplasmosis
Rickettsia Coxiella burneti "biological control" in pasturization temperature durable organism Q-Fever
tick borne - Borrelian burgdoferi - spirochete Ixodes ticks - bull's eye pattern incubation: 3-32 days. Lyme Disease
Endemic Typhus - X.cheopis-oriental rat flea Rickettsia prowazeki var. mooseri rats Murine Typhus
Epidemic Typhus - Typhus Fever - louse borne Rickettsia prowazeki var. prowazekii incubation: 12 days. killed many of Napolean's troops Jail House Fever
mite borne Rickettsia tsutsugamushi Scrub Typhus
Rickettsia rickettsii - tick - dermacentor Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever
Protozoan - Entameba histolytica - cyst Amebic Dysentery
cyst - viable for 6 months in soil snails in fresh water - resistant to Cl 4-5 drops Cl per liter H2O or 0.5 ml iodine let stand 20 minutes or longer if water is cold Cryptosporidium
cysts - Hiker's Disease drinking contaminated water 4-5 drops Cl per liter H2O or 0.5 ml iodine let stand 20 minutes or longer if water is cold Giardia lamblia
plasmodium falciparum anophelian female mosquito - 45 degree angle most dangerous disease in the world. Malaria
Tse-tse fly - Trypanosomiasis African Sleeping Sickness
cone nose beetle kissing bug - bites on your mouth American Trypanosomiasis
trematode - swimmer's itch fresh water snails - rice field workers most common water borne disease Schistosomiasis
helminth - taeniasis - beef or pork tapeworms T. saginata - beef T. solium - pork Cestodes
hookworms - anclyostomiasis & necator can survive waste water treatment roundworms - askaris Nematodes
round worms raw fish - cook 140 F for 10 minutes Anisakiasis
fecal-oral - soil - round worms Askaris
pinworms - schools and kids Enterobiasis
intestinal round worm incubation: 10-14 days. cook pork 137 F for 15 minutes trichinosis
hogs consume garbage cook garbage 212 F for 30 minutes Vesicular exanthema
onchocera volvulus (nematode) black flys - lay eggs in swift moving water river blindness
culex wuchereria elephantitis
viral - Culiseta melanura mosquito incubation: 5-15 days. Eastern Equine Encephalitis
viral - Culex tarsalis mosquito incubation: 5-15 days. St. Louis Encephalitis
viral - Culex tarsalis or C. pipens mosquitoes incubation: 5-15 days. Western Equine Encephalitis
viral - Culex tarsalis mosquito incubation: 5-15 days. West Nile Virus
viral - Aedes egypti mosquito incubation: 3-6 days. Yellow Fever
viral - Dermacentor andersoni incubation: 4-5 days. Colorado Tick Fever
fecal-oral "infectious hepatitis" enterovirus incubation: 4-6 weeks. Hepatitis A
blood - IV needles incubation: 4-12 weeks. Hepatitis B
blood - IV needles - transfusions incubation: 4-12 weeks. Hepatitis C
bats hydrophobia negri bodies incubation: 3-6 weeks. Rabies
deer mice droppings - dust 80-90% fatality Hantavirus
fecal-oral - rice water stools profuse watery diarrhea, severe deydration, circulatory collapse Vibrio cholerae
Psittacosis chlyamydia ornithosis incubation: 4-15 days. Parrot Fever
bacillus anthracis - wool sorter's disease 10% formalin sol'n kept at 110 F 4 hours Anthrax
bubonic - X. cheopis oriental rat flea pneumonic - very contagious Plague
deer flys - still water - Rabbit Fever Tularemia
Brucellosis - Bang's Disease in cattle kennel cough - digs blue ring milk test Undulant Fever
bacteria 2 enterotoxins - 24 hour bug heat stable - vomiting - rice heat labile - diarrhea - puddings Bacillus Cereus
floppy baby syndrome - honey onset: 18 hours. neurotoxin - afebrile exotoxin - 7 types A & B - soil & vegetable origin C - causes disease in turtles, birds... D - cattle & sheep E - processed seafood G - no outbreaks, but sudden death A - more le Botulism
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