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Name some materials that conduct electricity. iron nail, salt water, paper clip, brad fastener
Name some materials that do not conduct electricity. rubber band, toothpick, brick, plastic bag, drinking glass
What do you call the points where electric current leaves and enters a battery? Terminals
When you rub two balloons over wool carpet do they attract or repel each other? Repel
A switch is turned off and opens a circuit. It is ______________________. an incomplete circuit
The south poles of two magnets are near each other. What do they do? Repel
What does a horseshoe magnet have? It has a north and a south pole.
Which of the following items: cardboard, plastic, aluminum foil, or rubber would you use to conduct electricity between a battery and a light bulb? aluminum foil
What material is most attracted to magnets? iron
True or False: A cat's fur sparking when you pet it is an example of static electricity. True
Lightning is an example of static electricity True
A light bulb going out when you switch it off is an example of static electricity. False
You notice insulation on a cord to a hair dryer is worn out and you can see the wire. What should you do? Do not plug in the cord until it is fixed or buy a new hair dryer.
What kind of circuit can electric current flow through? closed circuit
Which could be picked up with a magnet? eraser, rubber band, paper clip, glue stick, scotch tape, scissors, colored pencil, pencil sharpener paper clip, scissors, pencil sharpener
What keeps electricity from getting to you? Insulator
What is the path along which electricity travels? electric circuit
What is the path needed for a battery to light a bulb? A wire tightly connected from the positive terminal of the battery to the side of a bulb and another wire tightly connected from the bottom of the bulb to the negative terminal of the battery
What device is used to open and close a circuit easily without connecting and disconnecting wires? switch
What happens to two bar magnets when the south end of one is moved close to the north end of another? They attract
When you stroke a nail with a permanent magnet, what happens? The nail is temporarily magnetized
What happens when you pass a magnet quickly through a coil of wire many times? Electricity is created and it is called a generator, because the device generates, or creates electricity.
What material is on the outside of an electrical cord? Is it a conductor or insulator? Rubber or plastic, insulator
What material is in the inside of an electrical cord? Is it a conductor or insulator? Copper, conductor
When you have a coil of wire with electricity flowing through it and a magnet near it, what do you create? A motor
What is created when a wire is wrapped around an iron nail and has electricity flowing through it? An electromagnet
Explain how electricity and magnetism are closely related in a motor. When electricity flows through a coil of wire near a magnet, the coil spins.
Explain how electricity and magnetism are closely related in an electromagnet. When a nail wrapped in a coil of wire has electricity flowing through it, the nail becomes a temporary magnet.
What is necessary for a flashlight to light? A complete circuit from the batteries to the bulb.
Using pictures of wires, a switch, battery, and bulb, be able to draw a diagram to show how to make the light bulb shine. Make sure the switch is closed, the wires are connected at both the positive and negative terminals, and the wires are connected at the side and bottom of the bulb.
What could be some reasons a light bulb does not shine? Loose wires, broken filament in light bulb, dead battery, open switch, insulation on wire not removed on end