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Study Guide

Terms wk. 2, ch. 35 & 36

pulmonary edema collection of serous fluid in tissue of the lungs
communicable capable of being transmitted from one person to another
calibration determining the accuracy of an instrument
secretion substance from a gland
invasive procedure that requires penetration of the skin
cytology study of cells
diagnosis determination of a disease or condition by testing
electrolyte substances that conduct electricity
trough point at which a drug is at its lowest level in the body
serum liquid portion of blood after it has been allowed to clot
reagents a chemical substance that detects other chemical substances in a chemical reaction
histology study of tissue
hematology study of blood
toxicology study of drugs that can become toxic to the body
peak level when medication is at its highest point in the body
MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets
CLIA Clinic Laboratory Improvement Amendments
QNS Quantity Not Sufficient
POL Provider Office Laboratory
HRT Hormone Replacement Therapy
PPMP Provider Preformed Microscopic Procedure
CDC US Centers for Disease Control & Prevention
FDA US Food & Drug Administration
OSHA US Occupational Safety & Health Administration
AMA American Medical Association
abuse the misuse of legal and illegal drugs
administer to give medication to a pt. by mouth, injection, or any other method of delivery
anaphylaxis severe allergic reaction
contraindication why a drug or therapy should not be used
dispense to give medication to a pt. to be used at another time
prescribe when a licensed practitioner gives a written order to be taken to a pharmacist to be filled
pharmacology study of drugs
all drugs available for l illegal use are controlled by? federal food, drug and cosmetic act
federal law requires that at the end of a workday, controlled substances on the premises must be? counted, verified by two individuals, and recorded on an audit sheet
an inventory record of schedule II drugs must be submitted to the drug enforcement administration every? 2 years
an example of a drug requiring a prescription is the? antibiotic penicillin
an example of an otc drug is the? analgesic ibuprofen
when a drug acts on the area, to which it is administered, it is known as a? local action
4 factors that affect drug action are? absorption, distribution, biotransformation, and elimination
schedule I high potential for abuse, not excepted, ex. heroin
schedule II high potential for abuse, but are accepted, ex. morphine
schedule III low-to-moderate potential for physical dependence and high potential for abuse, ex. barbiturates
schedule IV lower potential for abuse ex. diazepam
schedule V lowest potential for abuse ex. lomotil
the (R) symbol follows a drug name no one else can make or sell that drug for? 17 years
extracted from the adrenal glands of animal and used therapeutically? cortisone
drugs with a potential for abuse and dependency are monitored by? DEA
by law, outdated and expired controlled substances must be? returned to the pharmacy
most frequently used routes for medication are? oral and parenteral
PDR? physicians desk reference
highly accurate method for calculating medication doses for infants or children up to 12? body surface area
lack of oxygen in the blood hypoxemia
precipitate substance and particles that separate in time
the hard copy of the prescription is kept for a minimum of? 7 years
part of the prescription that gives the pt. directions? signature
insulin dosages are measured in? units
hollow core of the needle? lumen
prescriptions can be written, e-scribed, or called in to the pharmacy
traditional location for deep IM injection? dorsal gluteus
Drug? Medicinal substance that may alter or modify the functions of a living organism
Therapeutic Treatment of a condition to relieve symptom; treatment of an allergy.
Diagnostic Used in conjunction with imaging procedures to pinpoint the location of a disease; dye tablets in x-ray study of gallbladder
Curative Kill or remove the causative agent of a disease; antibiotic
Replacement replace substances found in the body; hormones and vitamins
Preventative or Prophylactic Ward off or lessen the severity of a disease; Immunizations
Chemical Name molecular structure
Generic Name Initial Name, Not FDA Approved
Trade or Brand Name Name given when purchased by a company; FDA Approved
What year is the Controlled Substance Act? 1970
Can Medical Assistants Administer medications under Physicians orders? Yes
What is a Prescription? Licensed practitioner who writes medication to be prescribed to patient filled at pharmacy
What is the Drug Route Where the drug is given
OTC Medication Taken at home with Minimal complications
What are Drug sources Plants, Animals, Minerals, Synthetic
MA Responsibilities with Controlled Substances? Keep locked in cabinet, keep count, Tally
Drug standard Monitored by FDA
Synergism one drug increases the action of another drug
DEA# On the label of all controlled substances
Controlled Substance Act of 1970 Regulates individual who administers, prescribes, or dispenses any drug listed in the V scheduled categories
Do schedule 2 drugs require a written Rx? Yes
Which Schedules drugs are not permitted a refill? Schedule II
Type of Syringes and which has the greatest Capacity? Hypodermic, Tuberculin, Insulin. Hypodermic = Greatest capacity
PPD Purified Protein Derivative
IM Injection Sites Glute, Delt, Vastis Lateralis
Drug Routes Topical, Sublingual, Buccal, Rectal, Vaginal, Inhalation, Instillation
Adrenaline (Epinephrine) relieves anaphylactic shock
7 Rights Drug, Dose, Route, Time, Patient, Documentation, Attitude
Patient Assessments Age, Physical Condition, body size, Sex, skin texture, injection site
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