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Repo system

Pharm 2

Androgen drug Striant (testosterone)
Androgen drug uses (2) hypogonadism & delayed puberty
Anabolic steroid drugs (3) nandrolone, anadrol-50, oxadrin
Anabolic steroid s/e (11) normal doses - n/v/d, acne & hair thinning; in high doses - fluid electrolyte imbalance; jaundice - heptotoxicity; malign & benign tumors; severe mental changes - roid rage; ^ risk of atherosclerosis virilization; females suicidal tendendcies, depression
Estrogen Premarin
Estrogen uses (4) relief of moderate to severe MP; treat female gonadism; treat senile vaginitis; trmt of osteoporosis in women PMP
Estrogen uses (2) pallutive trmt of adv prostatic cancer in males in selected cases of adv breast cancer in combo w/progestin as contraceptive agent; as estrogen replacement in PMP women
Contraceptive therapy drugs (2) estrogen/progestin drug, progestin-only
Contraceptive therapy use not r/t conception regulation of menstral cycle, dysmenorrhea decrease in sx r/t endometriosis
Contraceptive therapy s/e depending on estrogen/progestin content and adverse effects can be minimal by adjusting dose
Contraceptive therapy NI/contraindictations (10) allergy, thromboembolic disorders, impaired live fx, smoking, hx of migraine & headache, CVD complications, epilepsy, asthma & kidney disease
Oxytocic (uterine stimulants) drug pitocin(oxytocin)
Oxytocic (uterine stimulants) uses (2) given IV for starting or improving labor contractions for early delivery of fetus, given post partium to control bleeding & hemorrhage
Tocolytics (uterine relaxants) drugs (2) magnesium sulfate, brethine (terbutaline)
magnesium sulfate use control seizure activity associated w/(pre)-eclampsia or eclampsia - also drug of choice
magnesium sulfate NI calcium glucanate or calcium chloride are given in magnesium toxicity
brethine (terbutaline) use preterm labor to stop contractions
Fertility drug clomid
Fertility drug action bind to estrogen receptors so that estrogen has fewer sites available then signal goes to pituitary gland to FH & FSH which stimulate ovaries to release ova for possible fertilization
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