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Ch.8 Law and Ethics

State Law and Pharmacy Practice

The agency that determines how prescriptions are processed, how practitioners may place drug orders, and how the DEA will handle the use of controlled substances State Board of Pharmacy
This was published by the NABP to promote, preserve, and protect the public safety, health, and welfare by effectively controlling and regulating the practice of pharmacy The Model Pharmacy Practice Act
All facilities, equipment, and personnel must adhere to this administrations requirements OSHA
This act requires pharmacists to offer counseling to all Medicaid patients OBRA-90
When dispensing generic drugs, the law requires this The generic must be identical to the brand name drug in order to for the substitution to be allowed
This is the ultimate goal of state laws concerning pharmacy practice To provide quality therapeutic care and to prevent patient harm
List the information that a patient record should contain Patient's full name, address, telephone number, age, date of birth, gender, allergies
This was formed to provide compounding quality standards through a pharmacy accreditation program Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB)
This additional information needs to be on prescription orders for controlled substances Physician's DEA number
A label applied to a bottle that gives additional information, such as "Take with Food" Auxiliary label
This must always be verified to avoid medication errors or potential interactions Allergies
A government organization that creates uniform regulations to protect public health in a state or other jurisdiction Board of Pharmacy
What does PHI stand for? Protected health information
An enforceable set of standards for nonsterile compounding USP 795
An enforceable set of standards for sterile compounding USP 797
What is the law concerning sales of syringes and needles in Illinois? Must be 18 years of age, may purchase up to 20 syringes or needles
What does NABP stand for? National Association of Boards of Pharmacy
When entering prescription information into the computer, make sure the information exactly matches this The printed labels
It is good practice to mark stock bottles with this, which lets everyone know the bottle has been opened and no longer contains the entire labeled amount An "X"
When dispensing the medication (i.e. counting the pills), what should you never do? Touch the medication
The only person allowed to conduct patient counseling The pharmacist
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