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East/Southeast Asia

East/Southeast Asia Test Review

Largest country in East Asia by land area China
Is Japan east or west of China? East of China
What country in East Asia has the largest population in the world? China
China, Japan, and performances of the musical "Fiddler on the Roof" are similar how? Fading traditions
Is China considered a developing or developed economic world power? Developing
Japan is an archipelago full of this type of mountains. Volcanoes
This is the most famous volcanic mountain in Japan. Mount Fuji
This is the most spoken language in the East and Southeast Asia (and the world). Mandarin Chinese
What is the population of China? 1.3 billion
What is the population density of China? 350 people per square mile
The majority of the people of China live where? The eastern half
This is the world's largest dam (on the Chang Jiang River). Three Gorges Dam
This major river flows through China, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Mekong River
This Japanese term means "one who guards" Samurai
What tasty treat diffused from China to Japan around 350BC? Rice
This major USA fast food company with a clown mascot has diffused to China. McDonalds
This was the name for the French colonial region in Southeast Asia. French Indochina
Taiwan is mostly north, south, east, or west of Japan? South
Many of these have left the USA for China in recent years due to cheap labor, low transportation costs, poor regulations, etc. Manufacturing jobs
The longest river in China. Chang Jiang
East Timor is in which subregion, East Asia or Southeast Asia? Southeast Asia
Japan and Indonesia share this common physical geography feature. They are archipelagos
This small Southeast Asian country is at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. Singapore
This volcanic archipelago has about 922 permanently inhabited islands. Indonesia
There are more English speakers in this country than there are in the USA. China
China has this policy regarding family size. 1 Child per Family
Northern China and Japan share this physical geography feature. Humid continental climate
In the early 1900s key automobile technology was introduced to Japan from this country. The United States
Japan's population is ~98.5% ethnically Japanese...we might call Japan this. Ethnically homogeneous
Even though speaking is totally different, this was borrowed by Japan from China. Written language
Capital of Japan Tokyo
Capital of China Beijing
Capital of Vietnam Ho Chi Minh City
Capital of Indonesia Jakarta
Major desert shared by China and Mongolia...good place to find dinosaurs Gobi Desert
Southeast Asia is something of a blend of these two cultural regions. South Asia and East Asia
Indonesia is the largest country of the world for number of followers of this religion. Islam (Muslims)
Key natural resource in China...causes pollution Coal
Key natural resource in Indonesia Oil
Fugu and tuna are considered tasty delights in this East Asian country. Japan
This is a consequence of becoming more economically developed. Fewer farmers
Created by: ghoffman
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