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2nd Semester Test

7th Grade History

"The land of the shaking earth" Mexico
"Where Central American farmers grow corn and beans for their families" subsistence farms
"Highest mountains in the Western Hemisphere" Aconcagua
Incan city discovered in 1911. Macchu Picchu
Landform in Mexico. Yucatan Peninsula
Large island that is located 90 miles south of Florida. Cuba
Capital of Argentina Buenos Aires
A kind of banana grown in Peru plantain
Type of factories found in Mexico's border cities. Maquiladores
Major industry of the Caribbean islands. tourism
Country that declared independence from Portugal in 1822. Brazil
Lies in the rain shadow of the Andes Atacama Desert
U.S. citizens from an American Commonwealth country. Puerto Ricans
This country has no army Costa Rica
Type of government in all Central American countries. democracy
Second-largest Latin American country in total area. Argentina
The religion of most people in Central America. Roman Catholics
One of the Greater Antilles. Jamaica
Area that was a British colony from the 1600s to the late 1900s. Belize
Citizens of Buenos Aires. portenos
In terms of land area, Brazil is the world's ________. Fifth-largest country
Cape Horn is South America's ______. Southermost point
The country of Mexico is threatened by ______. volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, earthquakes
Cuba has government based on the principles of _________. communism
The southern tip of Argentina stretches almost to ___________. Anarctica
Which country is more than 2,600 miles long but averages only 110 miles wide? Chile
Early Mexican civilization included the _____. Aztec, Olmec, and Maya
The United States gave control of the Panama Canal to Panama in _________. 1999
The British, Dutch, and French had colonies in ________. the Guianas
After independences, Columbia became part of ______. New Granada
The growth of border cities in Mexico have done all of the following except_______. lead to safer jobs for workers
The mountains that run through six South American countries are the ____________. Andes
The South American country whose name in Spanish means "land of abundances" is ______. Peru
Which of the following is NOT a coastal resort in Mexico? Guadalajara
A mestizo is a person of mixed_________. Native America and Spanish hertiage
Which South American country uses the euro as its currency? French Guiana
Which of the following islands are in the Caribbean Sea? Hispaniola
The river that forms much of Mexico's northern border ______. Rio Grande
The central plains where two-thirds of Argentina's people live are _______. The pampas
Who led the Spanish army that landed in Mexico in 1519? Hernan Cortes
Created by: acostavi