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MCC Med Term Final

MCC Med Term Unit 3

anatomical position standing erect with palms turned forward; used as a position of reference for structures in the body
median plane passing longitudinally through the middle of the body from front to back, dividing it into right & left halves
sagittal plane a vertical plane passing through the body parallel to the median plane (or sagittal suture) dividing the body into left and right
transverse plane/horizontal plane passing horizontally through the body at right angles to the mid-sagittal/median planes, dividing the body into upper and lower portions
apex the top of a body, organ or part; tip; pointed end of a conical part
base the lowest part or foundation of anything
medial/mesial situated toward the midline of the body or a structure
lateral farther from the median plane or midline of the body or a structure; pertaining to a side
anterior situated at or directed toward the front
posterior directed toward or situated at the back
ventral directed toward or situated on the belly surface; pertaining to the abdomen
dorsal pertaining to the back; denoting a position more toward the back surface
superior situated above or directed upward
inferior situated below or directed downward; in reference to the lower surface of a structure
internal situated or occurring on the inside; medial structures
external situated or occurring on the outside; situated toward or near the outside; lateral
proximal nearest to a point of reference, as to a center or a median line or to the point of attachment or origin
distal; terminal remote; farther from any point of reference
visceral of or pertaining to the covering of an organ
parietal of or pertaining to the outer walls of a cavity
intrinsic situated entirely within or pertaining exclusively to a part
extrinsic of external origin (or situated outside the part)
recumbent lying down
erect standing upright
cephalic pertaining to the head or the head end of the body
cephalad toward the head
caudal situated more toward the cauda or tail; toward the inferior
caudad directed toward the tail or distal end
palmar pertaining to the palm of the hand
plantar pertaining to the sole of the foot
volar pertaining to sole or palm; indicating the flexor surface of the forearm wrist or hand
right lateral decubitis when the subject lies on the right side
left lateral decubitis when the subject lies on the left side
supine lying on the back with face upward; position of hand palm facing upward
prone lying horizontal with face downward; denoting the hand with palm turned downward
longitudinal pertaining to a measurement in the direction of the long axis of an object, body or organ
horizontal any plane of the erect body parallel to the horizon, dividing the body into upper and lower parts
transverse at right angles to the long axis of any common part
greater/major larger; above the minor
lesser/minor smaller; below the greater
abduct movement away from the median plane of the body or one of its parts
adduct movement toward the median plane of the body
circumduct movement of a body part in a circular motion
dorsiflex process of bending a body part backward; backward flexion or bending
extend the process of straightening a flexed limb
evert the process of turning outward
flex the process of bending a limb; the act of bending
prone lying horizontal with face downward; process of turning the hand so the palm faces downward
rotate the process of moving a body part around a central axis
supine lying supine or face upward; process of turning the palm of the hand facing upward
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