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MCC Med Term Final

MCC Med Term Unit 5

skeletal survey used to examine and diagnose bone diseases & abuse
bone age survey x-ray image of the wrist to compare skeletal structures at different stages of development and age
arthrography used to examine and diagnose joint conditions
tomography body section imaging - blurring of image above and below part
hip pinning done in OR using C-arm; images done with fluoroscopy during surgery to check repair of fractured hip
myelography study of the spinal column for slipped disc and/or other abnormalities
bone scan (nuclear medicine) shows function and enables earlier diagnosis of some diseases
cortex outer layer of bone (under the periosteum)
diaphysis shaft; long portion of bone
epiphysis the end of a long bone
periosteum dense, fibrous covering of the bone
synovial membrane fluid filled membrane around a synovial joint (ex. knee)
foramen a natural opening or passage in, or through, a bone
notch indentation or groove in a bone
process prominence or projection in a bone
tuberosity an elevation or protuberance on a bone to which a muscle is attached
tubercle small eminence on a bone, attachment for a tendon
capitulum small eminence on a bone, usually for articulation with another bone
condyle rounded projection on a bone, usually for articulation with another bone
epicondyle eminence on a bone above a condyle
joint articulation of two bones
trochanter long, flat process
subluxation break in alignment or partial dislocation
osteoarthritis non-inflammatory degenerative joint disease
neuroma tumor on the nerve tissue
osteoporosis demineralization of the bone
myelitis inflammation of the spinal cord
osteomyelitis inflammation/infection of the bone and bone marrow
osteocystoma cyst-like bone tumor
osteosarcoma cancer of the bone that spreads rapidly
osteosclerosis an increase in the density of bone tissue (hardening of the bone)
pseudoarthrosis false joint - a joint that develops at the site of a former fracture
scoliosis lateral curvature of the spine - image in AP position
lordosis anterior curvature of the spine - image in lateral position
kyphosis posterior curvature of the spine - image in lateral position
Bennett's fracture first metacarpal fx
Colles' fracture distal radius fx with anterior displacement
comminuted fracture severe fx, broken in many places
compound fracture fx which breaks the skin
overriding fracture fx where one bone overrides another
epiphyseal fracture fx through the epiphysis
greenstick fracture fx is not complete, may be bent; seen in children
compression fracture bone is pushed into bone causing fx
transverse fracture fx across the bone (at a right angle to the longitudinal axis of the bone)
impacted fracture bone into bone (adjacent fragmented ends of fx bones wedged together)
oblique fracture fx cleanly separated at an oblique angle
spiral fracture fx twisting around a shaft of a bone
pathological fracture fx occurring in diseased bone with only slight or no trauma
Pott's fracture fx of lower part of fibula with injury to lower tibial articulation (ankle fx involving medial and lateral malleolus)
sternum plate of bone forming middle part of thorax; articulates with clavicles and first seven ribs
thoracic vertebrae vertebrae #8-20; are below 7 cervical, above 5 lumbar vertebrae
ribs paired bones, 12 each side, extending from thoracic vertebrae
costal cartilages articulation points from ribs to the sternum
clavicle collarbone; elongated slender curved bone positioned horizontally in upper part of thorax; articulates medially with the sternum, and laterally with the acromion of the scapula
AC joint acromioclavicular joint; the gliding joint between the medial margin of the acromion process of the scapula and the clavicle
SC joint sternoclavicular joint; the gliding joint between the sternum and the clavicle
parenchyma the functional tissue or cells of an organ or gland
aneurysm a localized abnormal dilation of a wall of a blood vessel
arteriosclerotic disease thickening and hardening of the walls of the arteries
atelectasis abnormal condition - collapse of alveoli (sacs in the lung); incomplete expansion of the lung
cardiomegaly enlarged heart
embolism a foreign object (air, gas, bit of tissue, tumor or thrombus) which becomes lodged in a blood vessel, symptoms vary with the character of the embolus, degree of occlusion and size of the vessel
emphysema chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
infarction blockage of a vein or artery
pleural effusion abnormal accumulation of fluid into the intrapleural spaces of the lungs
pneumonia acute infection and inflammation of the lung
pneumothorax presence of air or gas in the pleural space, causing a lung to collapse
thrombosis an abnormal condition in which a clot (thrombus) develops in a blood vessel
pleurisy inflammation of the pleura in the lung
myocarditis inflammation of the myocardium (the heart wall)
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