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Phys Science Final

Final Exam

_________is the direction from the starting point and the length of a straight line from the starting point to the ending point Displacement
_________is the speed and direction in which an object is moving. Velocity
_________is the rate at which velocity changes Acceleration
A bicycle rider increases his speed from 5 m/s to 15 m/s in 10 seconds. What is its acceleration? a= Vf - Vi / t 15-5/10= 1
How much time does it take for a bird flying at a speed of 45 miles per hour to travel a distance of 1,800 miles? t= d/v 1,800/45= 40hours
_______is a push or pull that acts on an object Force
Whenever one object exerts a force on a second object, the second object exerts an equal and opposite force on the first object Newton's Second Law of Motion
The tendency of an object to resist a change in its motion Inertia
The state of motion of an object does not change as ling as the net force acting on the object is zero Newton's First Law of Motion
As you press down on your paper, the paper is pressing back on you equally and oppositely. Which law describes this? Newton's Second Law of Motion
If no net force acts on a system, then the total momentum of the system does not change. Newton's Third Law of Motion
________states a change in pressure at any point in a fluid is transmitted equally and unchanged in all directions throughout the fluid Pascal's Principle
_______ states that as the speed of a moving fluid increases, its pressure decreases. Bernoulli's Principle
_______states the buoyant force on an object is equal to the weight of the fluid displaced. Archimedes Principle
Calculate the pressure exerted on an elevator floor which is 2 meters deep and 3 meters wide, if 20 people whose combined weight is 1500N are standing on it. P = F/A 1500/6= 250
An elephant that weighs 40,000N stands on one leg during a circus performance. The area on the bottom of the elephant's foot is 0.4 m2. How much pressure is exerted on the elephant's foot? P = F/A 40,000/.4= 100,000
A big boat can float because___________ The buoyant force is pushing up on the boat
Which would have more pressure with the same force? A needle
________is the ability to do work. Energy
What is the potential energy of a boulder that is 45m above the ground that has a mass of 50 kg? PE= mgh 50*9.81*45= 22,072.5 N
_________is the energy that is stored as a result of position or shape. Potential Energy
This principle would help you if you wanted to see if someone tricked you. If you gave someone gold to make a crown and they purposely added some silver so they could keep some of the gold, this principle could prove they cheated you! Archimedes Principle
This is a device that uses a pressurized fluid on pistons of different sizes to increase force Hydraulic System
What is the kinetic energy of a car that has a mass of 30 kg and a velocity of 60 m/s? KE = m * v2/2 30 * 3600/2= 54,000 N
________is the product of a force over a distance Work
________is the rate of doing work power
Which is a device that changes force? simple machine
_________is the force exerted by a machine output force
This is the force exerted on a machine. This force is done by a person. Input force
________is the percentage of the work input that becomes work output in a machine. efficiency
In this lever the fulcrum is always located between the input and output force First class lever
In this lever, the output force is located between the input force and the fulcrum. second class lever
The input force is located between the fulcrum and the output force in this lever third class lever
This is the V-shaped object whose sides are two inclined planes sloped toward each other wedge
_________is the inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder screw
Which is a simple machine that consists of a rope that fits into a groove in a wheel? pulley
_________is a combination of two or more simple machines that operate together Compound machine
F= 200 Newtons d= 50 meters W= ? W= F*d 200 * 50= 10,000 J
A steam engine is an _________ and engine that burns fuel outside the engine External Combustion Engine
_________ is the transfer of thermal energy in a fluid by the movement of warmer and cooler fluid from place to place conduction
_____occurs when a fluid circulates in a loop as it alternately heats up and cools down convection
______is the transfer of energy by the electromagnetic waves. radiation
Thermal energy, heat and work are related and the study of the relationship among them is called __________. Thermodynamics
_______is defined as a temperature of 0 Kelvins Absolute zero
_________are packets of electromagnetic energy that exists in light photons
The transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves traveling through matter or across space is called ____________. electromagnetic radiation
_______ occurs when two or more waves overlap and combine together interference
An _____in a region of space exerts electric forces on charged particles. electric field
A _______ in a region of space produces magnetic forces magnetic field
An area where the particles in a medium spread out in a longitudinal wave is called a __________. rarefaction
The ________is a unit that compares the intensity of different sounds decibels
A ________is a wave that appears to stay in one place standing wave
___________is a physical response to the intensity of sound, modified by physical factors loudness
_________ are transverse waves consisting of changing electric fields and changing magnetic fields. electromagnetic waves
The process in which white light separates into colors is called dispersion
__________are three specific colors that can be combined in varying amounts to create all possible colors primary colors
__________of light is a combination of two primary colors Secondary colors
________colors of light are any two colors that combine to form white light complementary colors
A________is a material that absorbs some colors of light pigment
_________of pigments-any two colors of pigments that combine to make black pigment complementary colors
Objects that give their own light are__________ luminous
The light produced when an object gets hot enough to glow is____________ incandescent
A ______is a solid material that can emit light by causing a phosphor to steadily emit photons phosphor
Light in which waves have the same wavelength, and the crests and troughs are lined up, is__________ coherent light
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