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Chapt. 24-25 vocab

Sahel South of the Sahara
Colonialism Subjected to foreign rule
Plateau elevated blocks of land with flat or gentle rolling surfaces
Escarpment Steep slopes or cliffs
Chaparral drought-resistant brush
Savanna Grassland with scattered trees
Oral History history passed down by word of mouth
Nomadic herding herders move their flocks to different pastures throughout the year.
leaching dissolving and washing away of nutrients
Land Degradation reduction in the productive potential of the land
Population density average number of people in a given unit of area.
Delta land formed by soil in the water that is dropped as the river slows and enters the sea
Fellaheen Egyptian peasents
Sandstorm Storm that blows hot air, dust, and grit into the Nile Valley
Bazaars Arab open-air markets
Basin Irrigation Long built walls that absorb water
Reservoir natural or artificial lake used to store water for human needs
Perennial irrigation Provides water for agriculture all through the year
Capital money that is invested in building and supporting new industries
Wadi Cut across land, catching and temporarily holding water from sudden downpours
Caravan Large groups of merchants who have joined together to travel in safety
Medinas Centered around a great mosque
Souks market areas
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