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test holes test for present of oil and gas
continental shelf shallow waters that streches for 200km off Irish west coast
Kinsale Field gas field Co Kerry Ireland
Corrib field gas field found off Co Mayo
OPEC Organisation of Oil Producing Countries
a oil refinery in Ireland Cork Harbour to refine oil for use
oil spill oil spills damage the environment
finite resource non -renewable coal, oil,peat, natural gas
infinite resource renewable wind, wave, solar
uses of oil domestic, manufacturing, transport, commercial
advantages of oil cheap, plentiful,easy to handle and transport,clean to burn,efficient,
raised bog are deep, 8m, located in the central plain
blanket bog are shallow, 1-2m, mountains around Ireland
baggers machines that cut large amounts of peat sods in one day
spoon harrow used to harvest milled peat
milling top centimeter of bog is rotivated into powder and dried, it is collected into long ridges and covered with plastic
electricity generation peat is a fuel used to generate heat to power turbines to produce electricity
moss peat used in gardening
pelagic fish swim near the surface- herring and salmon
demersal fish swim near the bottom,- cod. caught by trawling
shellfish lobster, caught in pots
plankton fish eat this
North Atlantic Drift warm sea drift brings extras supplies of fish food to Irish waters and extra varieties of fish
overfishing too many fish being caught leading to a decline of fish numbers
quotas limit the amount of fish that can be caught
monofilament net illegal nets, length, depth and mesh size are illegal, these nets ate invisible to fish
disadvantages of farming to environment sprays add chemicals to the soil, fertilisers damage lake water causing the growth of algae, habitats are reduced for wildlife, dumping of farm waste
farm inputs climate, land,stock,farm buildings, labour, machinery,capital,fertiliser, animal feed,
farm processes ploughing,rotavating, planting, harvesting, milking, feeding, breeding
farm outputs grain,vegetables,straw, milk,calves, fertiliser-manure.
advantages of developing bogs employment, heating, reduces imports, generates electricity, exports
how Ireland uses energy domestic, manufacturing, transport, commercial
preventing overfishing drift netting is illegal,recording of sold fish, severe penalties for overfishing ,reduce the cost of salmon
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