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Drug Classes

Drug Class Definitions

A.C.E. Inhibitors For high blood pressure
High Blood Pressure PRIL
A.2.R.B. For vasoconstriction;constriction of veins which causes high blood pressure
Vasoconstriction ARTAN
Anti-Biotics inhibit the reproduction of new bacteria cells.
Anti-Convulsants suppress the rapid firing of neurons in the nervous system(brain).
Anti-Diabetics lower glucose levels in the blood. Only for Type II Diabetes
Benzodiazepines Anti-anxiety, muscle relaxant and hypnotics
Beta Blockers (B1) block adrenaline receptors and mediate a "fight or flight" response, which would cause actions in the heart.
Calcium Channel Blockers slow down activity in the heart
Diuretics used to treat hypertension. Promote evacuation of water from the body.
HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitors inhibit the body's cholesterol production
NSAID pain relievers and fever reducers sold OTC
Opioid provide an analgesic effect by decreasing the perception of pain and increase pain tolerance
Proton Pump Inhibitors reduces gastric acid production
S.S.R.I. increase the body's Seratonin level by inhibiting its re-uptake into the Presynaptic cell. Anti-depressant.
STATIN HMG CoA Reductase Inhibitor for CHOLESTEROL
RAZOLE Proton Pump Inhibitor
PAM Benzodiazepines (Benzos)
OLOL Beta Blocker
AZOSIN Alpha Blocker
ITIDINE H2 Antagonist
CILLIN Penicillin/anti-biotics
FLOXACIN Fluoroquinolone/anti-biotics
CYCLINE Tetracycline/anti-biotics
ROMYCIN Macrolide/anti-biotics
LAX Laxative
VIR Anti-viral
Created by: Chanell712