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Derm 2

more derm

What kind of insects bite? mosquitos, fleas, bedbugs, chiggers
what do tick bites look like? itchy papules that last about a week
what do spider bites look like? small red welt that itches
what do scabie bites look like? inflammation and intense itching, theyre contageous REFER
What are some common stinger insects? yellow jackets, wasps, bees and hornets
what are two complications that may accompany stings? secondary bacterial infection-dont scratch! and a hypersensitivity reaction like hives or swelling
Non drug treatment to bug bites and stings? avoid scratching, remove stinger, apply ice in ten minute intervals
how do you prevent insect stings and bites protective clothing and insect repellents
Pharm treatment for stings and bites: first line if older than 12, topical anesthetics
Pharm treatment for stings and bites: second line topical hydrocortisone
Pharm treatment for stings and bites: third line topical antihistamines
Pharm treatment for stings and bites: fourth line counterirritants (ammonium 3.5%)
Pharm treatment for stings and bites: fifth line skin protectants
Pharm treatment for stings and bites: for children 2-12 skin protectants
Pharm treatment for stings and bites: significant itching is occuring systemic antihistamines
How do you avoid bug bites and stings? wear covering clothing, avoid standing water and deep woods, keep pets pest free
insect repellants: whats first line? deet, apply after sunscreen no more than 4-8 hours. wont protect against bees
insect repellants: whats second line? picaridin, theres less odor, less irritation, less effect and more costly
insect repellants: whats third line? permethrin .5% DONT use on skin EVER
what is the normal concentration for deet? 50%
when its humid outside what concentration do you use? 50-100%
what concentration of deet do you use on children? (2-12) less than 30%
exclusions for self care of insect bites and stings? history of hypersensitivity, under 2 years old, infected skin, puss discharge, scabies infection, failure to treat in 7 days
when to refer for stings and bites? if condition worsens in 3 days
Non pharm treatment for lice lice comb, wash clothes and bedding, vacuum, apropriate hygene
For pharm treatment what is first line pediculocides
For pharm treatment what is 2nd line dry suffocation products and tea tree and lavender oil
Pediculocides - RID: what type of lice head and pubic
Pediculocides - RID: directions apply, leave in for 10 mins, wash out, repeat in 7-10 days and dont apply more than 2x in a day
Pediculocides - NIX: what type of lice head lice only
Pediculocides - NIX: directions apply, leave in for 10 minutes, rinse, repeat nit comb, one time use unless active lice are seen
Tea tree and lavender oil: dosing use once weekly for 3 weeks
exclusions for self care for lice under 2, infected skin, suspected scabies infection, infestation of eyebrows or eyelids, pregnant or breastfeeding, failure to manage after two applications
Prevention of sunburns avoid the sun, protective clothing, sunscreen
Sunscreen application: how long before exposure? 15-30 minutes
Sunscreen application: how often do i reapply? every 2 hours or immediately after swimming for non water resistant, or every 2 hours or 40-80 minutes after swimming or sweating
exclusions for self care of sunburns under 6mo, sun stroke, immunocompromised patients, xeroderma, pigmentosa
Define an acute wound for sunburns abrasions, punctures, lacerations, incisions, burns
define minor burns thermal, electrical, chemical and UVR REFER ELECTRICAL AND CHEMICAL
non drug therapy for burn remove offending agents and wound irrigation, wound dressings
what are some wound dressings absorb moisture, antimicrobial, maintain moisture
Pharm therapy for burns: first line oral analgesics (NSAIDS, ibuprofen, naproxen, aspirin) acetaminophen if intolerance to NSAIDS
Pharm therapy for burns: second line topical anesthetics
pharm therapy for burns: third line skin protectants like calamine and zinc oxide
pharm therapy for burns: fourth line aloe vera
Wound treatment - cleansing a wound: anticeptics - directions apply as needed
Wound treatment - cleansing a wound: anticeptics - examples of these drugs hydrogen peroxide, ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol, iodine, etc
Wound treatment - topical antibiotics: examples of this drug bacitracin, neomycin, polymyxin B
Wound treatment - topical antibiotics: applacation apply 1-3x/day not to large areas, if the wound is clean theres no need for this drug
exclusions for self care of minor wounds under 2yo, sun stroke, systemic symptoms, infected skin, over 80yo, worsening symptoms after 3 days, no improvement after 7 days, animal or human bites,
tinea pedis - risks public facilities, contact with infected area, foot trauma, socks/shoes
tinea pedis - presentation cracking, scaling, odor, itching, stinging of feet between toes
Tinea cruris (jock itch) - risks warm weather, occluding clothing, moist environment, poor hygene, not washing clothes
tinea cruris (jock itch) - presentation upper inner part of thigh, clearly defined rash, elevated lesion of thick dry skin with red edges, seen on both legs
Tinea corporis (ring worm) - risks day care, contact sports, gym, poor hygene
Tinea corporis (ring worm) - presentation area of thick dry skin with red edges and clear in the middle
Tinea capitis (scalp ring worm) - risks contacts like daycare or the gym
Tinea capitis (scalp ring worm) - presentation itchy, may be painful, non inflammatory on dry skin, inflammatory on pustules and weeping lesions, black dot present hairloss, favus presents patchy hairloss
Tinea Unguinum: how to treat needs prescription
non pharm treatment to Tinea symptoms contact precautions, non occlusive clothing, avoid walking barefoot, wash clothing and skin, reduce moisture and occlusion
Pharm treatment for tinea symptoms: clotrimazol and miconazole dosing apply twice daily
Pharm treatment for tinea symptoms: terbinafine dosing twice daily
Pharm treatment for tinea symptoms: butenafine dosing once daily but for pedis use twice daily for the first week
Pharm treatment for tinea symptoms: tolnaftate dosing twice daily
Pharm treatment for tinea symptoms: undecyclenic acid dosing twice daily
Pharm treatment for tinea pedis specific symptoms: aluminum dosing weeping: soak 20 mins 3x/day or use wet dressing for a max of 1 week
Pharm treatment for tinea pedis specific symptoms: keratolytics dosing thick skin: apply 3-4x/day before antifungal products
Duration of pharm treatment for tinea cruris 2-4 weeks
Duration of pharm treatment for tinea pedis 4 weeks
what do you apply if affected area is covered in thick skin? keratolytic moisturizer
What do you apply if affected area is weeping? astringents
exclusions for self care in fungal skin infetions under 2 years old, infected skin, nail or scalp involvement, diabetes, refer if nothing works in 14 days, refer if worsening occurs in 7 days
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